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Thanks to all my fellow pole dancing girls - sisters, mothers, daughters and yes, even grandmothers - for voting with your mouse and choosing these Top 10 Most Popular Pages at Pole Dancing For Fitness.

To save you time as you browse the site, I've listed them all here on this one page for easy reference. Have fun exploring the most popular pages on this site!

1. Free Videos

These free video clips will amaze and inspire you! From amateurs to professional competitors, traditional to fusion, these short videos are sure to entertain.

Pole dance video clip

2. Directory

Our worldwide directory will help you find a studio, instructor, party company, or even a contest or competition near you. Pole instructors, studios and event organizers: submit your own listing here!

Pole Dancing Directory

3. Photo Gallery

These pics were submitted by instructors, students and enthusiasts from all over the world. Pole dancing girls and friends: share yours here too!

pole dancing pose

4. Clothing

Whether you're looking for fitness wear, or something with a little sass, you'll want to check out these suggestions and recommendations for some of the items our site visitors like best.

Hot pink pole fitness clothing

5. Learn To Pole Dance

If you want to learn the vertical arts, you have lots of options to choose from. Find the one that suits you best, from group classes to DVDs or online lessons.

Teacher and students in a group pole dancing class

6. Strength Exercises

These exercises will help you build strength to prepare you for your next class, or for more advanced moves. Try these free pole dance exercise tips and suggestions today, to help you get stronger tomorrow.

Students doing pole strengthening exercises

7. Dance Pole Reviews

Looking for reviews before you buy? These detailed reviews cover company background, product options, features, pricing, warranty and customer service. A must-read for all pole dancing girls looking to get their own at-home equipment!

Help find the right dance pole

8. Teaching Jobs

Looking for pole dancing jobs, or thinking about learning to teach? Find out where the jobs are and how to get them!

women at a pole party

9. Gift Shop

Whether for yourself or your favourite pole dancer, our online shop offers a variety of items from the practical to the indulgent. Come take a peek!

gift boxes

10. Music & Playlists

Need some suggestions for new tunes? Check out these popular pole dance songs and get inspired. Links to free and cheap music downloads too!

Pole Dancing Music