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POLEWAVE STUDIO is located in Athens (Greece), in the center of the city, quite near the metro station Kerameikos.

Polewave was created by young women who love pole dancing as a form of art and appreciate the benefits of physical exercise.

The studio's environment is warm and friendly offering many conveniences such as spacious locker room and bathrooms.

Our studio is designed especially to provide the ideal circumstances for complete, fun and creative pole dance training.

At Polewave studio pole dance is perceived as a form of artistic expression, that embraces femininity and respects the fact that every woman is unique and free to dance and feel sexy, while getting fit and improving body posture at the same time.

The studio offers POLE DANCING classes of maximum 6 persons (1 person on each pole) as well as YOGA, special FLEXIBILITY training and CLUB DANCING lessons.

Special lessons that focus on EXOTIC dancing, sexy flow around the pole and floorwork are organized very often.

The structure of pole lessons includes static and spinning pole sessions, teaching the correct technique for executing pole tricks and combinations, as well as choreographies.
Polewave parties and events are organized often too.

The main pole instructor is Markkela, who started pole dancing as a hobby. She has worked in organized pole classes for over two years and holds a degree in law. She has also performed on stage during music festivals and pole dancing events.

Her friendly and outgoing manner has helped many girls express themselves and find their true personality through pole dancing.

The rest of the teaching stuff (Vada for Yoga and Martha for club dancing) has had wide experience at teaching and has collaborated with many gyms and dance schools around the city.

The studio is open every day (except Sunday) with lessons scheduled mainly in the evenings.

How To Reach This Studio

Contact: tel. 6956903630
e-mail. polewave(at)

facebook group:
youtube channel:

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