Athens, Greece
Venus Privé-Athens Pole Dance

by Antigone Cois
(Athens, Greece)

Venus Privé-Athens Pole Dance offers pole dancing lessons in Athens, Greece, and is conveniently located in the Southern Suburbs of the city, relatively close to the center.

Athens Pole Dance brings to you a studio catered specifically for women's needs, which provides a safe & fun environment for achieving maximum fitness and self-confidence.

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All activities are based around the idea that each woman is special & unique, & has the ability to enhance her femininity, physical fitness, and self-esteem.

From fun, feminine activities, to psychological workshops and benefits, Athens Pole Dance offers women a full mind & body workout, and helps them discover the power of their femininity and sensuality.

The owner/head instructor (Antigone Cois), holds a master's degree in Clinical Psychology, enabling her to incorporate psychological benefits into her teaching. She has trained in the U.S., and is certified by the Discoveriesdance pole instructor certification program (approved by ACE, AFAA, the PFA and PDC). She attended the 1st international pole dance convention in the U.S (2009), and has proudly performed for the Greek Athens Festival with three elite pole dancers, including 2010 USPDF champion Natasha Wang.

Chrisa Grigoratou (pole dance instructor) is currently obtaining her degree in gymnastics and personal training at T.E.F.A.A (the Fitness & Sports Academy of Greece). She has been trained in ballet, contemporary dance, and various sports since the age of 5, and has trained to teach pole dance at Venus Privé-Athens Pole Dance.

All classes are held in small groups (up to 8 students maximum), with one student per pole.

Classes include:
Pole dance
Pole acrobatic tricks
Exotic dance
Flexibility training
Open play hours
Men's class

Lap dance
Aerial Hoop - Lyra
Bachelorette parties
Birthday parties
Private lessons


Classes are offered evening hours Monday – Thursday, and Saturday afternoons.

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