BeSpun 3 DVD Set
Leigh Ann Orsi

BeSpun-Leigh Ann Orsi Pole Dance DVD Box Set (3 DVD's)

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This 3 DVD set covers beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of pole dancing moves.

Starting with a sexy warm up, Leigh Ann then teaches a series of moves appropriate to each level. These are combined into short routines that you can learn and practice. There are 5 combinations on each DVD, for a total of 15.

The moves and routines are progressive, so that you can pick up the DVDs at whatever level you're currently at, and progress from there.

Explanations and instructions are clear and well presented, with many sections shown in slow motion for better understanding.

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  • Do you think the moves and tricks are categorized appropriately for the level (ie are beginner moves really for beginners, or are they too difficult?)

  • What did you think about the teacher's delivery? Did she explain things clearly and in a way that was easy to understand, or were you left wondering exactly what to do?

  • Was there something you especially liked about these DVDs, or anything you wished had been done differently?

  • How would you rate it against any other pole dancing DVDs you've seen?

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Comments for BeSpun 3 DVD Set
Leigh Ann Orsi

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Don't waste your money
by: Isis

I own several pole DVDs and I regret buying this set. The moves are too advanced for each level. She explains 3 moves at the same time so you don't really concentrate on mastering each individual move. She doesn't explain important things such as hand placement or how to ease into a move. She just does it and repeats it 3 times n that's it.

Sometimes the angle on how they're shooting the move isn't the best angle. You can't really see a move clearly.

If you really want to learn pole dance I suggest Jamilla Deville or Felix Cane!

Stay away from these DVDs! You will be disappointed.

Was Hoping For More on Spinning Poles
by: Katherine

I bought these as I was looking specifically for instruction on a rotating dance pole. It is very very short on spinning pole - a few tips and 3 short repetitive routines by 3 different dancers with no explanation. I was disappointed. The other content is great but not the spinning pole part.

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