Denver, CO - TranZenDance Studio, Ltd.

by Lori A. Huett, Psy.D.
(Denver, CO USA)

Change your movement, Transform your life!

Change your movement, Transform your life!

TranZenDance Studio is Denver's Premier Pole Dance Studio. Learn the art of pole dancing from NYC Joffrey Ballet dancer and behavioral health specialist, Dr. Lori A. Huett.

The mission of TranZenDance Studio is to provide the highest quality dance instruction based on proper anatomy, biomechanics, and principles of movement. We are dedicated to teaching the Art of Pole Dancing, which is instructed safely by offering a progressive-level curriculum and adhering to fundamentals constant in dance training of all styles.

Our program is oriented towards holistic health: Spirit-Body-Mind, in this order. By offering a comfortable, private, and inspiring space, we hope that each individual obtains a glimpse of their higher potential, allowing for transcendence…at the pole and beyond.

Our intention is for each student to attain a greater sense of freedom in physical expression, to soar and dance in ways that she or he only dreams.

Our Community is dedicated to celebrating and reveling in the natural beauty of our bodies. Join like-hearted and minded women who push beyond the constraints of society's antiquated definitions of femininity by delving within to enliven a more expansive, "role-free" truth.

Individuals of all ages, shapes, & ability levels are welcome! We prioritize small classes and personalized instruction.

For more information about our studio, curriculum and classes, please find us on-line:

We hope to dance with you soon!

TranZenDance Studio, Ltd.
209 Kalamath Street, Ste. 20
Denver, CO 80223
(303) 534-3262

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