Detroit, MI - Nyla's Fantasy Pole Pleasures

by Nyla Brown
(Detroit, MI USA)

Nyla in Action!

Nyla in Action!

Welcome to Nyla's Fantasy Pole Pleasures, A fun,sexy, and fit workout program that connects with your inner-self, that makes you feel strong, confident, and beautiful about who you are, as defined a woman.

Every lady is welcome regardless of shape, size, age, or experience. These classes are provided with an excellent instructor, that is focus on everyday women with issues that can be helped and targeted.

The lessons are taught in a comfortable environment. We offer a variety of different levels of having fun on the pole. Ladies feel free as you have never before, checkout the website, call, leave a message or email to find out what works for you, and join us at Nyla's Fantasy Pole Pleasures.

We offer a beginner, intermediate, and advance pole package, stretching and flexibility, pole play, balance and strengthening, climb and spin, private instructor, pole tease, and pole yoga also all our classes you can drop into them anytime they are offered.




Find us on:
Twitter: Freaksbinature
Facebook: Freaksbinature bosslady nyla

We are located on Detroit's west side call for info, start dates, specials, and directions to us.

Thanks Nyla Brown

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