Detroit, Michigan - World of Pole Fitness & Dance

by Patricia Pelto
(Detroit, Michigan, USA)

DVD Shoot

DVD Shoot

World of Pole was one of the first to bring Pole Dancing Parties, Classes and Events to Michigan.

We are located on the s/e corner of Warren/Venoy in Garden City, 1 mile east of Westland Mall. FREE parking.

We offer everything pole from our unique Parties, Intro/Teaser Sessions, Polumba, Pole-n-Tone, Pole-n-Burn, Pole Spins/Booty Workshops to our full pole dance courses.

The courses consist of:

"Beginners Basics 1" - perfect for all sizes, shapes and abilities.

"Beginners Basics 2" - introduces 30+ more spins, spin combos and beginning your way up the pole.

"Intermediate" - has you climbing, inverting, pole sitting and further increasing your strength and endurance.

"Advanced" - takes you beyond the average capabilities performing like a pro!!!

Finally we also offer "Pole Time" for perfecting the moves is of utmost importance.

Our instructors were all founding members of an original Pole Party Company launched in 2005. After our first year we had many ladies calling inquiring on more regarding the pole moves.

Pole Dance Factory was born to meet these inquiries by creating the classes and workshops we now offer. The classes were designed to not just teach simple fun moves, but to strengthen, tone, increase stamina and total overall body health. This was soon followed by our Pole-n-Tone DVD series.

Pole Stage Factory was born as the creator of the "Ultimate Stage". This stage was the first of its kind with a 2 inch high platform and to date has been accident free.

World of Pole Studios was born in 2006 - now offering nearly 3000 square feet studio space, 10 poles, shock resistant dance floor, inviting atmosphere and the best quality of professional training. To date we have a data base of over 5000 students that have experienced our pole oriented classes/parties.

World of Pole offers various pole sessions each week and other classes include Trapeze, Trapole', Hoop Dancing, Shadow Dancing, Surfing, ZEN Boxing, Zumba and more.

Full courses begin each month and parties are pre-scheduled on demand. See our schedule on our home page which is updated each month, and visit our classes page for full class descriptions and pricing.

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Call: 734-306-0909

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