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by Lisa
(Ferntree Gully, Melbourne, Australia)

Vertical Fitness Australia's studio is in Ferntree Gully, Melbourne, Australia.

At Vertical Fitness we believe that Pole Fitness is one of the best upper body and core workouts that you could get, not to mention lots of fun! It aids in developing overall body strength and toning, as well as body awareness and self confidence! It has gained a huge increase in popularity for women of all ages as a regular part of their exercise routine, since pole schools starting opening.

Vertical Fitness caters for all levels of fitness and ages, teaching from beginner to advanced classes and also Professional Competition Master Classes and offer many specialty classes to help aid and add to pole classes.

What we offer!
Pole Classes (Beginner to Master classes):
Learn the Art of Pole and get an awesome fitness workout! Pole classes teach you how to spin and perform a numerous amount of tricks, plus fun dance routines to add to the cardio workout. We cater for all levels of pole ability and fitness levels.

Pole Boot Camp Classes:
An intense upper body and core workout designed to develop the strength required to pole dance. You will use the pole for multiple exercises, but will not learn how to spin or do pole moves. Great class for all levels to help boost their strength and make pole class easier.

Stretch and Flex Classes:
An hour and a half class of stretching, to help increase flexibility, in turn making pole moves easier to execute and look more impressive. Work towards doing splits and increasing back flexibility.

Strength and Conditioning Classes:
For those not afraid of a hard workout! Similar to boot camp classes but designed more so to work on the holding of pole positions making pole trick work look effortless and easier to execute.

Lap Dance Classes:
Learn fun and sexy chair routines just for you or for that special someone. If you love to dance or want to learn to be more confident, lap dance class is a must try!

Burlesque Classes:
Come and find the inner Showgirl in you! Burlesque classes will teach you the Art of Tease and Seduction. Learn fun routines incorporating props like feather boas and fans. Also attend special workshops held by Australia’s leading Burlesque performers.

Hens Parties/ Birthdays/Ladies Nights:
Why not start your ladies night with a Pole Party at Vertical Fitness. We cater for all types of parties, which include champagne on arrival and a Vertical Fitness Gift Pack for the guest of honour, plus a 1.5 hour or 2 hour class dependent on numbers. Contact us for a quote.

Private lessons:
We have private 1-on- 1 lessons available by appointment only for extra work on specific pole moves or for performance preparation, competitions etc.

Vertical Fitness Classes run Monday through Saturday and offer both day and evening classes. Sunday bookings are available by request. Membership classes as well as casual classes are available.

For further information or to book in for a class please contact us on:

Ph: 03 9758 9941
Mob: 0400 933 270
Email: info(at)verticalfitnessaustralia(dot)com(dot)au
web: www.verticalfitnessaustralia.com.au

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