Gainesville, FL
The Lingerie Company
Pole Studio

The Lingerie Company Pole Studio offers pole fitness classes for all levels three evenings a week and Saturday mornings.

Our classes are mixed level classes, with beginner through advanced variations discussed with each move as appropriate and the environment is unfailingly supportive.

Our biggest goals are improve ourselves and to assist you in improving yourself.

We also offer pole parties on your schedule at any time a class has not already been scheduled. Pole parties can be a way to introduce your friends to pole classes or a celebration for an important event.

Students or pole professionals can rent the space to practice, but only in pairs or with an accompanying spotter, and only if you've been taking classes long enough your instructor feels you can do so safely; our biggest concern is the safety of our students.

We are willing to offer private instruction, to help you get that next big move, at the discretion of our teachers, as it fits into their schedules.

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You can email at: lingeriecompany.gainesville (at)

Our instructors all tend toward the fitness side of pole fitness, but if you have interest in the sexy side, just let us know and we can bring up all the little tips to add sensuality into the dance. We can also go heavy on the conditioning side when that's your interest. Stronger is better for the more advanced moves and we love to help you get there.

We try to keep the classes fresh with a move of the month or a routine we will work all month to master. We don't even know all the fun things we can come up with so you'll have to watch our space to find out. Or better yet, come play with us.

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