Halifax, Nova Scotia - A Pole Body Workout

by Dayna Hill
(Halifax, NS canada)

Everyone will learn this popular move and it's easy too!

Everyone will learn this popular move and it's easy too!

No matter what the occasion:
Stagettes/Showers/Girlie Nights/Birthdays

Your whole party will have a great evening in a supportive environment where you and your friends will have the night of your life.

Unleash your inner sexiness!!

Call to book at 902-483-3767
or visit us at

A Pole Body Workout is a new and exciting way to express yourself! Every woman likes the feeling of being sexy, every woman has secretly asked herself the same question; What would it feel like?

Well now you can answer that question yourself! It is guaranteed the most fun you will have with your girlfriends!! We bring the portable poles to you, for a more fun and comfortable atmosphere you would get than going to a public class.

We are priced lower than our competitors AND we offer more! We come with 2 instructors, and 2 poles! So you’re actually getting a lot more time on the pole then you would with any other company! And don’t forget about our strip tease routine!

Our price is $300 base charge up to 10 girls. After 10 it’s $25 a girl.

**Very important, your ceiling must be between 8-10 feet with no false, vaulted or drop tiled.

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