Houston, TX - The Pologa Company

by Lea Morris
(Pearland, TX, USA)

The Pologa Company

The Pologa Company

The Pologa Company is located in the Greater Houston Area, 30 miles South of Houston in a town called Pearland (77581).

Semi-Private Pologa Classes for Women: 90 Minutes

Vertical Challenge Boot Camp Class for Women and Men: 90 Minutes

Pole Parties at the studio or at the comfort of your own home: 120 Minutes

Pole Art Event Entertainment an excellent new way to entertain even the most boring of events.

Pologa Club Package is a way for a gym or studio to use the Pologa trademarked logo and fitness format.

Our Pologa instructors are certified and are skilled professions that are not just great party performers, but make sure that everyone is safe while having fun!

The instructors teach the proper theories and techniques of NASM, PFIT, ACE, and APEX to ensure a safe and proficient weight loss program.

The Pologa Company has designed a reliable and efficient way to organize their availability for their clients. On The Pologa Company's website there is a booking agent that allows their clients to determine their own schedule and pay as they go method.

Experience the yin and jang of fitness today! Call: (832)398-6455 or
Email: Lea(at)thepologacompany(dot)com

Visit The Pologa Company's website for more in-depth information on services:

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