Indianapolis - Pole Dance Addiction

by Jessica Clowers
(Indianapolis, IN)

Pole Dance Addiction
911 E. Prospect St.
Indianapolis, IN 46203

We offer:
Pole Dance classes beginner through expert level training, private lessons, flexibility training, strength training, weightloss training, and so much more!

Our top instructor has a bachelor of science degree in psychology, has been professionally trained by USPDF champions, and works one-on-one to quickly evaluate each individuals strengths and weaknesses. We work hard to assure you advance quickly.

M-F 9am - 8pm
Saturdays and Sundays by appointment only
Closed Holidays

Discover the Art of Pole Dancing...

Welcome to Pole Dance Addiction! Our instructors specialize in the Art of Pole Dancing, and fitness training programs.

Pole Dance Addiction is based on the foundation of pole fitness. We teach a variety of pole dance moves, pole spins, pole tricks, choreography, and other pole dance techniques. We also teach a variety of fitness training programs for weightloss, strength, and flexibility.

Our pole dancing classes are held in Indianapolis, IN. We travel to your location, certain conditions may apply.

This is a booming workout trend for women and men around the world. One of the biggest improvements pole dancers notice is a significant difference in upper body strength.

Pole Dance Addiction provides strength training programs for students of all levels. We also provide flexibility training, featuring a variety of deep flexibility stretches, and core exercises for maximum performances.

Pole fitness was created as a fitness training program designed as a fun and sexy way of burning large amounts of calories. It is also known for significantly increasing strength, especially upper body strength, toning muscles, and weightloss.

Pole fitness is a fun and motivating way to shed pounds quickly. Combining the elements of flexibility, strength, and cardio into a vertical fitness program has changed the lives of many women accross the world.

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Pole Dance Addiction
Jessica Clowers

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