Live Once Pole Dance Instructional DVD

Live Once Pole Dance Instuctional DVD

Live Once Pole Dance Instuctional DVD

Live Once DVD - Basic Info

In this DVD, Elisabeth Magalhaes, owner of Live Once Pole Dance and Fitness Studio will guide you through over 25 Beginner and Intermediate Pole Dance moves as well as a complete conditioning segment.

Beginning with a comprehensive introduction, safety tips and a warm up, this DVD covers every area needed to give you a great start to your pole dance workouts. You will also find a full dance routine including spins and transitions learned in the 'Moves ' section of the DVD.

From the DVD cover:

You will learn these pole moves:
  • Walk around pole

  • 180 degree spin to bend over

  • 180 degree spin to slide

  • Knee pivot and peel up

  • Leg swing and peel up

  • 360 degree spin

  • Double spin

  • Basic knees together spin

  • Basic x ankle spin

  • Front hook

  • Front hook swing

  • Reverse hook

  • Chair spin

  • Ballerina spin

  • Heel attitude (to 360 spin)

  • Diamond spin

  • ½ cradle (1/2 split, full split)

  • Fan kick (to dip)

  • Reverse attitude

  • Reverse grab

  • Reverse grab to diamond

  • Climb

  • Climb to seat

  • Seat and spin down dismount

  • Seat and diamond slide dismount

  • Seat and split dismount

  • Helicopter

  • Basic inversion and slide

  • Basic hands free inversion with crawl/slide dismount

  • Basic hands free inversion with somersault dismount

  • Basic hands free inversion with handstand dismount

Conditioning Exercises:
  • Climb

  • Pull ups

  • Basic abs (levels 1 -4)

  • Fan kick exercises (leves 1 ? 4)

  • Tricep presses(singles and doubles)

  • Jump n holds (side and back)

  • Plie squats

  • Plie squat leaps

  • Push ups (modified and full)

  • Shoulder mount

  • Single leg squats behind pole

  • Pole sits with bicep curls

  • Front, side and rear laterals raises

  • Lying pole ab exercises

Pole Dance Routine:
Full dance routine including various moves from the instructional section of the DVD. The choreography for the dance routine is also written out for you on a leafleat located inside the DVD case.

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Great DVD- recommend
by: Karyn

Won this CD (one of a set) - was way better than I expected. highly recommend the dvd - useful for progressing moves and increasing pole strength gradually.

by: Anonymous

This is a great DVD to build strength and get moves down. Definitely recommend it.

Live Once Review
by: Anonymous

Love her routines and it came with a list of moves to help memorize. Love that!!!

excellent dvd
by: krista

This dvd has very good instruction, each move is showed with a split screen so your able to see it from different angles. I also like the strength section as a lot of the moves have different variations to make them easier or harder. The only thing I didn't like about the dvd is you have to keep pausing the dvd to do your reps before moving on to the next move in the strength section so it would have been nice to have a routine you could follow along with.

highly recommended fo beginner to intermediate
by: MissBeth of 3D Fitness Studio

highly recommend the dvd - useful for progressing moves and increasing pole strength gradually.

I have been taking classes at 3D Fitness Studion in Darwin, Australia, for the last few years and the suggestions that Elisabeth gives in this dvd are handy, clear and have been well recieved with students that have been struggling with spins or tricks.

She is very encouraging, suggests working on strength components and then building those components into the pole work once you are comfy to do so.

Highly recommend both this dvd and her other Intermediate/Advanced dvd :)

3D Fitness Studio, Darwin, NT, Australia

I Love This DVD
by: Selena

Hi, I love this DVD. I live in an area where there are no studios and wanted to learn to pole dance. This DVD is well taught and seems like it's intended to actually teach you how to do moves. The instruction is clear and easy to follow. The instructor is precise and I love the conditioning exercises.

It's a great DVD. I have learned a lot using it.

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