Miami, Fl - SoBe Pole Dance Studio

by Rachael Blade
(Miami, Fl, USA)

SoBe Pole Dance Studio

SoBe Pole Dance Studio

SoBe Pole Dance Studio is located in the heart of world famous South Beach Miami.

Our beautiful Pole Dance Studio offers a variety of classes including Pole Fitness, Male Pole Dance, Sexy Chair, Floor Work, Lap Dance, the Art of Striptease, and Private Classes, Parties, and Bookings.

At SoBe Pole Dance Studio you will feel as though you have been transported to a lifestyle where you take center stage. Our expansive space with stretched ceilings, tall poles, and distinctive lighting create an ambiance that will capture and transform the dancer in you.

Our outstanding Studio takes great care in selecting its highly qualified instructors. All of our teachers have extensive dance and fitness experience, and many currently perform various arts professionally.

Want To Contact This Studio?

SoBe Pole Dance Studio
828 Washington Ave.
Miami Beach, Fl 33139
Mon. - Fri. 9a-12p & 5p-9p
Sat. 11a-3p

Into all of our distinctive classes we have incorporated various forms of classic and modern dance for a complete learning experience. All pole classes include time for warming up, stretching, working out, and plenty of time for utilizing the pole.

Water and energy drinks are available for purchase, and all of our students are welcome to use our private
shower and changing facility.

Dance of any kind is a form of art, and Pole Dancing can be an expression of your fantasies and hidden talents! It enables a unique opportunity to discover a new side of your character and can show you that anything is possible! Pole dancing challenges your body, and helps you make it look the way you've always dreamed!

SoBe Pole Dance Studio was founded by Yana Yakovleva, who is herself, an avid dance enthusiast. Yana has performed and enjoyed many diverse forms of dance, such as Fire Poi Dancing and Salsa, but found Pole Dancing to be one of her favorites.

Most importantly, Yana had a desire to provide a classy, clean, and safe environment, where women and men (separately) could explore this form of art, while getting a superb and complete body workout.

At SoBe Pole Dance we believe that pole dancing is a lifestyle you can incorporate in many ways. We are happy to offer a wide selection of products in our online store and at the studio, catering to your specific dancing needs and desires. We hope that we have everything you are looking for and more!

We encourage you to come and discover a whole new world within ours!

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