Mumbai, India
Exotic Pole Dance Workout

by Shilpa
(Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)

'Exotic rhythms in wellness'

The "Exotica rhythms in wellness" workshop is a special workshop to help you discover and celebrate the woman in you. The exquisite dance movements and stretches are designed to help you be in touch with the feminine diva within and celebrate your body. Here is a healthy way to feminine wellness.

'Pole Fitness'

Discover a fun way to workout and strengthen and tone your body. Pole fitness classes are fun and addictive, its a fantastic way to stay fit and have fun doing it. come and check out a Pole studio in Mumbai.

'Ways to Exotic Wellness'

In most homes women have been told to be ashamed of their bodies, to hide it and inhibit their sensual side and subdue their sexual self. At the beginner level you would be introduced to exotic dances inspired from pole-dancing, lap-dancing and strip tease performances. A common misconception is to think of these as "sexy dancing". This is far from the truth.

These dances and movements are designed to stretch your body and help you exercise and gain a firmer, sexier and confident body. It brings you in touch with your feminine self and helps you celebrate the woman in you. You will discover an inner glow, a grace and beauty through these rhythmic movements and feel an increased sense of fitness. For new comers exercises would be at first adapted and customized to suit your fitness and flexibility levels.

Come shed your inhibitions and celebrate the diva in you. These workshops are designed for eight sessions, an hour each. We have varied workshop all based on Burlesque and show girl dances.

'Fun, Frolic and feminine bonding'

We custom design special "girls night outs" and "hen parties". We organize chilled out parties with interesting sessions and activities that will make it a night to remember! So if you want that special night to be the most unforgettable one; call us. We will custom design and create a frolicking, fun and fantastic night out with loads of chilled out fun activities.

Want To Contact This Studio?

Contact: Shilpa
Phone: +919833103710
Address: 1 Sita Smruti,
Shivaji Park, Rd 4, Dadar,
Mumbai 400028

electrasinspace (at)

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