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Check out the latest accessories to spice up your sport. Look great, feel good, and have WAY more fun! Jewelry, gloves, leg and arm warmers and more await your indulgence. Now go have fun!

Treats For Your Feet

Foot Undeez look like little undees for your feet....hence the name! They provide protection and padding for the balls of your feet. Available in nude, for those who prefer to be discreet about their foot protection.

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YogaToes help stretch your toes, as well as the muscles and other connective tissues in your hardworking feet. They feel fabulous while relaxing after class. Try them in a hot bath for an extra special treat!

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Lovin' For Your Legs

If you're looking to dress up your legs for a competition, these fence net leggings are a nice touch that won't endanger your grip during leg holds and hands-free inversions. Because the weave is very wide, and the thread quite small, you can still safely grip the pole with your legs. Look great and have fun dressing up for your next show!

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Here's another dressier option for performances or competitions. These leg garters are available in a range of colours, and again, they won't interfere with your grip. You can also wrap them however you like, so you'll be able to make sure you've got bare skin where you need it. One of the coolest pole dancing accessories around!

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Gloves & Arm Protection

These fishnet arm warmers are a gauntlet style glove that protects your forearms from pole burn while keeping your palm clear to grip the pole. Lightweight and cool, they look great and protect at the same time.

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Pole dancing gloves that cover your palm are sometimes useful if you need help gripping the pole while you learn specific moves like climbs and releases. If you like your pole dancing accessories to shimmer and shine, these gloves with crystals on the back will keep you happy and safer while you climb.

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These are the basic gloves, available in both tack and no tack grip. We're not crazy about them, but some people love 'em, so we do make them available. Click below to read more about what we think, and to order a pair if you'd like to try them.

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This gorgeous sterling silver pole dancer jewelry is available in many different poses, and comes on a necklace, bracelet or fish hook style earrings.

You can also order the pose of your choice on its own, so you can place the pendant onto your own piece of jewelry.

Hand cast with exquisite attention to detail, this jewelry makes an ideal gift.

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Just For Fun

One of our most popular pole dancing accessories, this colorful pole light attaches easily to any brand of dance pole.

The multi-coloured lights can be set to steady on, or you can have them flash to the beat of your music.

Great fun at pole dancing parties or on the last class of a sesssion when everyone gets to perform.

Also popular with at-home pole dancers, for those times when you want a little ambiance!

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