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New Pole, Time To Play! 
I finally got my portable pole and finally put it up. I started to play around with it and my son took a picture of me. Susan from PDFF says... …

This is a Dragon, or Haleys Gemini.

One of my fav pictures 
The pole dancer in this picture is Lisa from Vertical Fitness (aka Chasity). Photography by Adam Jay on his last tour to Australia in April. …

Beginner Pole Dancing Pics 
Just got my pole. Just learning and got a long way to go, but it's fun. I love pole dancing! It keeps you fit and you can have fun learning. It's very …

Learning the Art of Pole Dance 
As a fitness Instructor & classical dancer, I thought this would be easy....wow! was I sore the next day - what an amazing workout plus I get to hone …

One of my favorite poses 
I wanted some pole pic's taken outside, so I took my stage and practised my favorite tricks. These are some of them :-)

Fun in the studio practicing a shoulder mount inversion slowly lowering it right to the floor!

I am launching my pole dance business VIP Women's Dance Parties in Jacksonville, FL. I needed a picture for my marketing and I was excited to have …

nobody sneeze! 
We stumbled across this in a fantastic, fun photo shoot! Susan from PDFF says: Wow, Aryn this is a fantastic shot, very artistic! I'd love to hear …

Me A Beginner Not rated yet
Me 3 months after starting pole fitness. Susan from PDFF says... Fabulous Sarah! I can imagine you've come a long way in 3 months...I can …

New Pole Shoes Not rated yet
I used the self-timer to take a picture of my feet in my new pole shoes :) Susan from PDFF says... Super cute Lori! I love sexy shoes, but never …

Roller Street Poling Not rated yet
My very own form of street poling that I made up - playing roller derby and doing pole dancing has allowed me to roller pole =) Plus I think the sign …

Rikki's Shoulder Split Variation Not rated yet
Rikki Little, just hangin' around doing a Shoulder Split variation. Susan from PDFF says... Awesome! That's some serious shoulder muscle you're …

From Cocoon to Butterfly!!  Not rated yet
I have chronic migraines, and being upside down does not help my headaches at all...but I was tired of letting my migraines get the best of me and I …

G's reaching for the sky Not rated yet
This was one of my first pole photos ever, and the first time I nailed the side climb - you can totally see that from the ridiculous grin on my face. …

Ball Not rated yet
I think this move is stunning. Can combo into various other well. Susan from PDFF says... Stunning indeed Teri. The black and white photography …

Kat Getting Perpendicular Not rated yet
One year in, 76 pounds down, and I'm finally a (slightly awkward) Wonder Woman! Susan from PDFF says... WOW! Thanks so much for sharing Kat. …

Chopper Not rated yet
Thanks Susan, for sending in your pole dancing photo all the way from Hong Kong! What's the pole scene like in your part of the world by the way? …

Linda Kumm The Art of Pole Not rated yet
This picture was taken at the South African Pole Championships by The Big Baboon (Monique Pestana). The performer is Linda Kumm who now has her own pole …

Disco Pole Dancing Basement Transformation Not rated yet
My strip poles were a present for my 34th birthday. The only place I had room for the poles was in the basement. So then I thought of an idea! Why not …

Mary Ellyn from Empowerment Through Exotic Dance, Ltd. Illinois Not rated yet
Mary Ellyn sent in this fun pole dancing photo with the comment: "Knee Hold - one of my proudest moves to learn!" And proud you should be Mary …

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