Pole Katz - Step By Step Pole Dance Tricks

Pole Katz: Step By Step Pole Dancing Tricks

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Pole Katz DVD - Basic Info

This DVD is 40 minutes long and covers a variety of tricks from basic spins to advanced inversions. True beginners may find this a bit out of their league because it doesn't cover any non-spinning or climbing moves, but it will definitely give some inspiration.

Once you're ready to start learning spins and tricks, this DVD is a good place to start. It will also provide plenty of challenge as it offers several different levels of tricks right up to advanced.

From the DVD cover:

You will learn:
  • Pole Tips

  • Safety

  • Over 20 Pole Dancing Moves
    • Basic Spins
    • Intermediate & Advanced Spins
    • Climbing the Pole
    • Basic Inverts
    • Advanced Inverts

Bonus! 2 Different styles of dance routines with floor work.

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Comments for Pole Katz - Step By Step Pole Dance Tricks

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Not bad, but not recommended
by: LInda LeeBEe

This video did not have too much instruction and really only taught you a couple spin moves, with only two or three inverts. The names were very odd and I have never heard most of the moves called those names. It was not horrible, but the way the taught climbing is not at all how you want to climb - it looked sloppy and messy and don't climb like this students please! The dances at the end were a little weird, I wish it would have been more instructional, fun and not just sexy for the teachers, but teaching sexy moves as well.

ummm ... there are better ones
by: K

not for anyone who has taken classes before ... maybe good for beginners ...
Outfits are hilarious ... more for home use ///
not for serious polers

by: Anonymous

pole katz 101 dvd brought off ebay and was honestly a load of cr*p! I do poledancing myself and found myself correcting their moves because of their wrong leg positioning, etc. I also feel dirty watching the video since the girls are half naked in sex costumes (very revealing lingerie, gstrings, policewoman outfits and many more!). Honestly i only found one or two of their spins well explained and useful. other than that rubbish!

Good intermediate DVD
by: Sara the Pole Dive

This is fun to watch...and I think it is best for the pole dancer who knows her spins and has sufficient upper body strength to clim and invert. The routines at the end are pretty cool, too.

Pole Katz
by: Anonymous

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dvd it's great for beginner with some intermediate moves to look forward to !
tons of moves lefthand & righthand spins plus 2 different routiens at the end

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