PoleTricks 101 Volume 1

Poletricks 101

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Poletricks 101 - Basic Info

This DVD is 43 minutes long and is subtitled, "The Ultimate Pole Dance Training Video." The moves are demonstrated by Pantera, the 2003 National Pole Tricks Champion.

The DVD is voiced over and uses freeze frame and graphic overlays to help viewers understand how each move is done. Viewers are cautioned that there is some nudity in this DVD.

From the DVD cover:

PoleTricks 101 is the defining approach to learning the art of Pole Dancing.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned veteran, Volume #1 of PoleTricks 101 has over 20 tricks broken down in a step-by-step, interactive video that is easy to learn from.

No other video on the market offers such an easy approach to learning the art of pole dancing as PoleTricks 101.

With simple to advanced tricks, PoleTricks 101 is a rewarding training video that will teach you an art to last a lifetime.

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Comments for PoleTricks 101 Volume 1

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worth a watch
by: Stacey

Nice dvd for more advanced pole dancers who already have good strong moves under their belt, but would say not suitable for beginners as most tricks are very challenging and the breakdown is not as good as some other dvds, quickly moves from one trick to the next. Pantera is a great pole dancer with immense strength. Camera angle is sometimes too close so you dont see the whole move in one go. Lots of tricks are done with sky high platforms on, so again not for beginners. worth a watch if like me you enjoy watching lots of different styles of dancing.

Great DVD
by: Leesi

I really love this DVD and how every move is broken down for the viewer. There are many advanced moves to challenge even the seasoned pole artist.

wanna try this one ...
by: K

I too am at a place where I cannot afford classes - so I am really interested in this one to continue learning to get the tricks I am working on or wanting to learn

Learning is fun and easy!!
by: Jesie Fernandez

This was my first DVD when I got my pole...I has no idea how to do any tricks or spins, and I didn't want to hurt myself, plus I couldn't afford taking classes at a studio...so I purchased this item!! 4 weeks later I was spinning, climbing and doing stuff I would never thought I could do!!! I recommend this DVD to anyone that has never touched a pole before.

poletricks 101
by: Anonymous

i absolutely love this dvd! pantera is amazing. just be aware that these tricks are all quite advanced - not at all appropriate for the beginner, as the title might imply.

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