Polga (pole yoga) Basics

by Carla
(Kansas City Missouri USA)

Polga DVD

Polga DVD

Polga DVD - Basic Info

Polga Basics introduces you to Polga. The Polga DVD increases balance and co-ordination, adds strength and flexibility, and is so much fun!

Polga increases the range of motion for more effective body training. Combining pole fitness with yoga is a truly universal workout covering a whole range of aerobic, stretch and core muscles.

When yoga is combined with the pole a whole spectrum of moves can be incorporated and included into a fitness routine.

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Comments for Polga (pole yoga) Basics

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beginners only
by: Anonymous

not for those who have experience ...

Very beginner
by: Anonymous

Designed for very beginning polers with low fitness and flexibility level.  Might be okay to adapt stretches from. Bounces in stretches and doesn't hold long enough, teaches the monkey climb. Like the pigeon/quad/back stretch using the pole. Not a bad DVD for beginners, but I think most people would advance past this quickly.

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