Pretoria, SA - The Pole Studio

by Tracey
(Pretoria, South Africa)

The Pole Studio is a Pole Dance Community Approved school and a member of the Pole Fitness Association.

The Pole Studio is a well-established and hugely successful pole dance school originating from the UK. It boasts numerous venues all over Surrey and Berkshire.

The Pole Studio hosts events nationally in the UK, and now, for the first time The Pole Studio goes international. The former UK Pole Dance Champion, world competitor and creator of A Comprehensive Guide to Pole Dance, Tracey Simmonds brings The Pole Studio to South Africa.

In keeping with current standards of Pole Dance instruction, and its ever expanding repertoire of moves and techniques, Tracey Simmonds and her team embark on a mission to help women understand the amazing benefits of attending Pole Dance class for fun, fitness, and self-esteem building.

The Pole Studio teaches Pole Dance Fitness Classes. No stripping is involved in The Pole Studio's classes! All classes are taught in a fun, friendly and pressure-free environment.

Private classes are available every day. Level 1 and 2 courses are taught during the week, 'drop in/open' classes are taught on Saturdays.

Monthly membership from only R370.

Pole Parties also available at the studio or in your own home.

Tracey is a cYMCA qualified and insured instructor teaching absolute beginners to advanced professionals.

Tracey has experience touring internationally teaching in pole dance schools, advanced workshops and master classes. If you are a pole dance teacher looking for more material to teach your classes why not book in for some professional tuition or arrange for Tracey to come and lead a workshop at your pole dance school?

Beginner's Pole Dance Instruction (become an instructor) also available at The Pole Studio.

One of the reasons that Pole Dance has taken off in the last few years is because it is an extremely enjoyable pastime, as well as having fantastic weight loss and muscle toning benefits. It can also be easily practiced at home and requires no prior training or special skills.

If you choose to practice Pole Dance at home, as part of your fitness regime dance poles and DVDs are available to purchase. ‘A Comprehensive Guide to Pole Dance’ is a DVD created by Tracey that teaches you how to Pole Dance. The DVD breaks down moves in an easy to learn way. Levels included in this DVD series are Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Pole Dance classes at The Pole Studio really do involve a full body workout. Each class consists of a thorough warm up. The warm up involves mobilizing the body to help release any tension built up in the muscles and establish a better range of movement.

Mobilizing muscles and joints will also prepare the body for stretching. Stretching increases flexibility in the muscles and ligaments, and increases your range of movement. Improving your flexibility will also help you to be stronger.

Within the fitness industry the saying goes ‘A long muscle is a strong muscle’. This is because the more flexible your muscle is, the more room it has to stretch and contract, leading to a better workout.

Another key element of the Pole Dance class is conditioning, also known as strengthening. Conditioning exercises on and off the pole are repetitive movements designed to increase your muscle strength gradually and safely as well as tone your muscles. Conditioning exercises include lifting your body weight on the pole in various ways, push-ups, sit-ups and spins.

Learning new moves and choreography comes as part of each Pole Dance class at The Pole Studio. Pole Dance moves, for example, ‘spinning’ and ‘climbing’ will work your arm muscles, back muscles, as well as core muscles (for great abs!), buttocks and legs. You could burn up to 400 calories per Pole class!

A cool down takes place at the end of the class in order to realign muscle fibres and re-establish the normal range of movement.

New students have no reason to feel intimidated by the acrobatic side of Pole Dance, which may seem daunting at first. There is a very good reason why Pole Dance is now recognised as such a rewarding form of exercise for all types of people, with varying fitness levels. The exercises on the Pole can be broken down and practiced on many different levels. The nature of all strength and fitness building is that it is a process that requires some time and practice.

You will find yourself skillfully spinning round a pole in no time!

Studio info: 4 x 3m stainless steel, mirror finished professional standard dance poles. (class size maximum 12 people, in keeping with The Pole Dance Community Code Of Conduct)

Studio location:
Shop 4, 69 Lynburn Road
South Africa

Tracey: 0726078058

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