Raleigh - Triangle Pole Dancing

by Rickey Harper
(Raleigh, NC USA)

Triangle Pole Dancing, Inc.
8804 Gulf Court
Raleigh, NC 27617

Into To Pole Dancing Fitness

This is our first level class, it will help you understand the fundamentals of pole dancing and its correct form. Beginner pole will help you strengthen all areas of you body while working on your flexibility. Consisting of forward and reverse spins.

During this class be ready to warm up using a series of movements that will firm, tone and sculpt your way to a fit you!!!

Beginner level 2 will help you review everything you learned during level 1 as well as new level 2 moves, getting you ready to become an advanced student. During this level you will review a small dance routine including all of the spins and tricks you have learned, adding a bit of more sensual movements and floor work. Prepare to become addicted. Every class includes a warm up, stretch and pole work.

*Holding your weight and balance
*Pole poses and resting
*Creating momentum to spin
*Proper hand position
*pole tricks
*pole swings
*pole spins
*static moves
*Gripping poses
*Climbing poses
*Intense toning of abs, legs, gluttes, and arms
*Stage dance choreography

Pole Dancing Fitness

Hooray! get ready to climb & start being introduced to even more challenging moves, including viewing the world sideways and from above as you climb to new heights!

In our intermediate pole class you will warm up with complex to advanced dance moves, intense toning of the abs, legs, glutes & arms. Slightly advanced floor work to enhance flexibility consisting of splits and straddles. Begin to become one with your inner pole dancer feeling more confident, sexy & powerful.

*Spinning with leg momentum only
*Inverted Spins
*Inverted Poses
*Inverted Tricks
*Static Poses
*Back Bends
*Complex Inverted moves
*Holding entire body weight
*Horizontal Spins
*Horizontal Tricks
*Leg and foot friction, position, and hooks
*Inverted Body Slide


Wow! If you made it to our advanced level, you are truly addicted. Prepare to learn the best that pole dancing has to offer, as you climb, hang and hold your body with great power and strength. You are now the best of the best pole dancers.

*Holding entire body using leg muscles and grips
* Inverted spins
*Different ways to invert
*Advanced tricks
*Advanced spins
*One legged hooks
*One legged inverted spins
*strength exercises
*Side kicks
*Inverted combos
*Transition to vertical and inverted positions
*Creating momentum upside down
*and more...

Triangle Pole Dancing Fitness Pole Dance classes and Exotic Dance classes is now regarded as a recognized form of exercise and can be used as both an aerobic and anaerobic workout.

Pole dancing is used as a performing art in some modern-day circuses, with one of these circuses being Montreal's Cirque du Soleil.

All Triangle Pole Dancing Fitness Pole Dance classes and Exotic Dance classes are non-competitive and every woman is encouraged to do her best at her own level.

Triangle Pole Dancing Fitness Pole Dance classes and Exotic Dance classes encourage ALL body types...you are ALL beautiful.

Triangle Pole Dancing Fitness Pole Dance classes and Exotic Dance classes DON'T allow women to feed into the media hype of a woman having to look a certain way to be considered hot--enough already!!!

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