Redondo Beach - Siren Fitness

by Nancy Mayer
(Redondo Beach, CA)

SIREN Fitness, Inc. in Redondo Beach, CA, would like to introduce you to the concept of Empowering Women Through Movement.

Featuring the tallest poles in the South Bay, we offer pole dancing, burlesque, strength and flexibility training, personal fitness instruction and more, in a supportive, non-judgmental atmosphere.

Classes are small, never more than 8 clients, with four 14 foot poles, and low cellulite lighting. All classes are taught by licensed fitness instructors with safety being the core of the program.

Siren Fitness Classes incorporate Power Yoga with sensual dance, pole movement and free expression. Course work is adapted per students' needs and desires.

We offer single classes and progressive class sessions.

Siren Level Classes - Levels 1-6 - each class includes the Siren Flow, a yoga-based total body workout, pole tricks and dance/free expression, where you enjoy the pure bliss and empowerment of movement.

Siren Marquee - Advanced Level Pole.

Siren Strength and Pole - Combining the Siren flow with specific strength conditioning to increase ability to perform pole moves.

Tricks, Transitions and Flows - Intermediate to advanced level pole class, focused on sexy tricks, seamless transitions, and smooth flowing movement.

Burlesque - Learn a complete dance routine over the course of 6 classes. New song every six weeks. One of our students' favorite classes!

Core Fitness (no pole) - A core strength building workout based in yoga/pilates. No pole. No dance. Just a hard core workout!

Siren Dance Parties - Do you want to test out your moves before hitting the club or do you just need a night to dance with the girls? For whatever reason, come drop your shoes at the door, and kick up your heels. We'll play a variety of music for your pole, floor, wall, and regular dance pleasure.

We also have private pole parties! So if you are celebrating girls' night, a bachelorette party, or a birthday, we have the party for you!

Are you ready to release your inner Siren and tap into the power within? Take a look at what we have to offer and start your journey today!

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Visit our website or call us at (310) 792-1000

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