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A pair of sexy ankle boots is perfect if you can't decide between pole dance shoes and thigh high boots.

They give you some of the benefits of boots (the ability to help you "stick" better to the pole when climbing), but offer the versatility of shoes, which typically come in a greater variety of colours, styles and heel heights.

If you're considering ankle boots for pole dance class, one thing you'll want to be cautious of is the laces and buckles that seem to be much more common on this type of boot.

While knee, thigh and crotch high boots often have back closures like flat laces or hidden zippers that won't damage your pole or present a danger if you catch them on something, ankle boots often have front closures such as buckles or laces that thread through protruding hooks.

As with all pole dance footwear, it's important to think about practicalities as well as looks. That's not to say that all ankle boots are unsuitable for use on the pole, but do think about what tricks you might want to do while wearing them, and be sure the closures are appropriate.

And now, if you're ready to browse, I present for your viewing pleasure, my collection of favourite sexy ankle boots....

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More On Sexy Ankle Boots For Pole Dancing

Earlier I mentioned that ankle boots tend to have "dangerous" closures that can scratch your pole or make it more difficult for you to hold on while you're up there.

These include buckles and a certain type of lacing system that involves wrapping the laces around a hook. But even threading them through eyelets can be a problem if you've got loose lace ends to contend with.

In this case, I suggest that you tuck the ends of the laces inside the tops of your boots, to help ensure they don't come loose.

No matter what type of closure your ankle boots have, make sure you check to be sure it will work for you and won't get in your way, come undone, or cause damage to your pole or person.

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