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Come Dance With Us

Come Dance With Us

Welcome To BurlesqueMN Minnesota's Premiere Burlesque and Pole Academy

Learn body confidence while improving your mental and physical health. Our classes are a mixture of fitness, fun and flirtation. Our supportive environment encourages students of all levels to join us in changing the way you think and feel about your beautiful body.

We offer Pole Dance, Burlesque and Combo classes to the Twin Cities. Our courses are 6 weeks in length - taught by the best in the Biz with over 15 years of entertainment and fitness experience.

Our Pole Dance class is a true complete package. Learn basic to intermediate spins, tricks, transitions and floor work. This is truly one of the best workouts in the world - cardio, flexibility and strength training all in one! No experience necessary.

Pole Courses run for 6 weeks-Meeting Twice a Week
Each class builds on the previous, ending in a group and solo Performance Showcase!

Our Burlesque Class is a 6-Week Extravaganza!! Here is what you will learn

WEEK 1: Intro/Character Creation/Craft Time
What is Burlesque? Learn vocabulary and become familiar with the foundation skills. Students will create their own stage name and character. Create a set of fans and choose gloves (craft supplies and gloves will be provided) You KEEP your props after the Performance Showcase, our gift to you!

WEEK 2: The Walk/Strut/Sit
Learn how to walk and strut in heels confidently. Learn to convey different attitudes and styles with your walk. Get familiar with your chair and chair dynamics. Start building your routine and group routine.

WEEK 3: Gloves/Fan/Floor
Learn your chosen path. Glove peels and several fan dance techniques. Learn some beautiful Floor work poses and kicks. Add to both solo and group routine. Make sure you bring your props.

WEEK 4: The Striptease-Stockings and Bras
Learn how to remove your shoes, stockings and bra in a pleasing manner. Review routines and add new skills. Add MUSIC! Wear sheer thigh-high stockings, and high heels. (Important: No fishnet stockings.) Bring props

WEEK 5: Props and Costumes
Learn boa moves to delight your audience, or how to read a book like a stage Diva. Finalize costume choices, props and routines. Practice group routine.

WEEK 6: Final Dress/Group Comments
Practice and perform your solo routine for the class. Get group feedback. Practice group routine.

PERFORMANCE SHOWCASE: Perform your solo and group routines for your audience.

Our Fall Sessions Start September 10th

Tues: 5pm-6pm Burlesque

Thursday:6pm-7:30pm Pole Dance
7:30pm-9pm Pole Dance
Friday:6pm-7:30 Pole Dance
7:30-8:30 Burlesque
Sat: 10am-11am Burlesque
11am-Noon pole Dance

Join us today by Registering at or Calling at 612-227-7474

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