Thank you

by Jessica
(Omaha, Ne)

I just wanted to thank you. I'm about 325 pounds and have low confidence in my sexual appeal and such. This has given me inspiration to help me and my boyfriends intimacy rut that we've come across. Ive got some motivation seeing all the bbw pole dancing and to see support out there for us is wonderful. I think this is a new me coming out and I cant wait. Looking at poles now and excited to get started. Thanks again.

Susan from PDFF says...

Jessica, thank YOU for taking the time to write such a wonderful note.

I'm sure the new you is going to love the pole, and that it's going to love you right back!

I hope you'll pop back and let us know how you're doing with this new adventure, as I'm sure other women will be looking to you for inspiration.

All the best!

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