Trowbridge - PoleIT Bureau

by Mandy
(Trowbridge, Wiltshire)

PoleIT Bureau started in April 2009. Located in a small home studio in the village of Holt, Wiltshire, it offers a friendly environment for women to gain fitness, strength and confidence in themselves.

Did you know:
* Pole fitness burns a MASSIVE 290+ kcal per hour!!

* Pole dance classes are not JUST for dancers, in fact the majority of participants have never danced or been near a pole before!!

* It is a FULL BODY workout: Upper body, core and lower too!!

* Pole fitness increases self esteem and confidence

Pole fitness has been PROVEN to improve:

* Muscle tone
* Flexibility
* Strength

* Pole dance classes beat gym workouts and most fitness sessions in fun, variety & health/fitness benefits.

*Pole fitness NEVER becomes mundane, there is ALWAYS something new, different & challenging to work on!

There is pretty much every type of person you can imagine in a pole fitness session! Age, shape, size, you name it! There are no excuses, no "I'm too old, big, not strong enough...." NOTHING.

Mandy - Instructor
Contact Mandy at mandy(at)mdhome(dot)demon(dot)co(dot)uk

Mandy has been learning pole for 4 years now and teaching for 2 of those. Mandy’s experience of learning pole is invaluable in helping new student understand the learning process for pole exercise.

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