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Do you own a studio or other pole dancing business? Are you looking for wholesale pole dancing products to offer your students and customers?

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Pole Dancing For Fitness offers a set of Pole Fitness DVDs that will help your students get the most out of their pole dancing classes. The DVDs cover the following components of pole fitness:

DVD #1: Pole Cardio
Your students will get an awesome cardio workout on their dance pole with this first DVD in the series. It's suitable for all levels of pole dancers, from true beginners to advanced dancers who just want to have some fun.

Pole Cardio is unique among pole dancing DVDs, as it provides a safe, effective aerobic pole dance workout that incorporates simple pole dance moves into a fun dance routine.

No crazy tricks, no advanced moves, just a simple-but-not-easy dance routine guaranteed to work up a sweat.

DVD #2: Strength & Toning
Many women are surprised to learn that they can use their dance pole as a vertical home gym to help build the strength they need to do all those spins and lifts.

This DVD covers a full series of strength & toning exercises using the dance pole. Upper body, lower body and core exercises are shown and explained in detail.

A free PDF download details many different workout routines using these exercises, so your students can adapt them to their fitness level.

DVD #3: Stretching & Flexibility
A dance pole makes for an excellent personal stretching assistant, to help build the flexibility pole dancing students need.

It's a sad fact that most people don't do nearly enough stretching. And particularly with a sport as demanding as pole dancing, this is a very important aspect of training.

This DVD demonstrates and explains in detail a series of exercises to increase flexibility and lengthen tight pole dancing muscles. After learning these stretches, students can skip directly to the 20 minute stretching sequence to get their daily dose of stretching in their own home.

Benefits of Our Wholesale Pole Dancing DVD Program

  • As a business owner, you're always looking for ways to maximize revenue. Offering products that complement your classes - such as DVDs - is an excellent way to do this.
  • Students who fall in love with pole dancing are a ready market for add-ons, as they are actively looking for products and services to help them improve.
  • DVDs do not compete with your classes, they complement them. Students who attend classes regularly know the benefits of learning from an experienced and qualified instructor. They are not looking to replace this experience, but rather to enhance it.
  • The profit margin on these DVDs is 35-50% (retail markup of 70 - 100%). DVDs offer a high profit potential, and a wide margin so you can easily afford to run specials and sales if you wish, and still make a good profit.
  • DVDs take up very little shelf space, making them an ideal studio product if space is at a premium. They can even be displayed on the wall of your studio - a great way to promote in class!
  • The Pole Fitness DVDs were professionally filmed and edited for the highest possible quality. They come professionally packaged with full colour graphics, package inserts, and are wrapped in cellophane. You will be proud to display and recommend them.
  • Your students will thank you for providing them with these "homework" DVDs that will complement their pole dancing classes and help them become better at the sport they love!

How To Get Started

Signing up for our wholesale pole dancing DVD program is fast and easy. Just email me to request an information package.

I'll send you details on things like pricing, shipping, and minimum order requirements (don't worry, they're low!). I'll also ask for proof of business ownership (ie, a business license, tax certificate).

Once you're approved, you can place your first order and start making additional profit on the sale of these high quality pole fitness DVDs.

If you have any questions about our wholesale pole dancing DVD program, just ask away and I'll be glad to answer them.

I look forward to working with you as we help women everywhere become stronger, fitter and more flexible through pole dancing!

If you don't qualify for our wholesale pole dancing DVD program,
you may wish to learn more about our affiliate program for website owners and blog publishers. Earn commissions for each sale you refer!

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