Who Is Susan Peach Anyway?

And What's She Doing
On That Dance Pole?!

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Hello and thanks for stopping by! My name is Susan Peach (yes, that's my real name!), proud owner of yourpolepal.com

Since you've ended up here, you're probably wondering who I am and why I started this website.

Or maybe you're just curious about the whole vertical fitness thing?

Well, I was more than a little curious too, when a fellow fitness instructor suggested I should start teaching pole dancing classes way back in 2005...

"You know, those sexy strip classes they have in California. You'd be great at that!"

I love my pole!

Just resting my feet :)

Actually, at first I was mortified!

After all, I was a respectable 40-something year old woman with a degree in Women's Studies, and 2 teenage sons whom I'd worked hard to raise with a healthy respect for girls and women.

What could I possibly know - or even want to know - about strip fitness, exotic dance moves, or (gasp!) pole dancing?

And even if I did know anything, how could I reconcile teaching this type of class with my feminist values, morals and ethics?

After all, wasn't the pole a symbol of women's objectification by men?

In fact, when my then 19 year old son later discovered that I was teaching myself some tricks his first reaction was, "You're going to teach what? What on earth are you doing mom? Don't you think that's oppressive and degrading to women?!"

Fortunately, after 4 years in the Women's Studies department at the University of Victoria, I had developed the habit of examining my assumptions and beliefs.

So when I realized what a strong reaction I was having, I decided I definitely needed to do some research.

As I studied what little information there was at the time, I became more and more curious about this new concept in fitness that my colleague seemed to think I would be such a natural at.

I soon came to see that pole dancing and the other forms of "sexy fitness" that were just starting to emerge had nothing to do with oppression at all.

Finishing up a spin...wheee!

Instead, they were really all about reclaiming what makes us uniquely feminine, learning to make friends with our bodies again, and feeling empowered from the inside out.

Striking a pose

That's when I ordered my first dance pole and, while waiting for it to arrive, headed out to the local elementary school to teach myself some tricks on the tether ball equipment. (At night of course, so no one would see me making a fool of myself!)

Needless to say, I'm happy to report that Susan Peach has since gotten off her feminist high horse about the "perils of the pole."

In fact, I now have an entirely different perspective on this art form, and a whole new appreciation for this emerging form of fitness.

After teaching classes for several years (and loving every minute of it!) I decided to create a website to share my experience, knowledge & resources with you, and to help you find whatever information you need that's related to pole dancing for fun and fitness.

Thanks for visiting...

...and remember to contact me if you have any questions or can't find the information you need. I'm always happy to help!