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The worldwide pole dancing directory lists hundreds of studios, independent instructors and pole party companies from all around the globe.

The directory is updated regularly. It's totally free to list and use, and always will be.

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If you are a studio owner, an independent instructor, or a pole party business owner, you can use the form below to add your business to the directory.

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It doesn't matter where on earth your studio is located. Potential pole dance students come from all over the world every month, looking for a studio near them. Submit a free listing today to help them find you!

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Just enter your city, state, province or country, OR the name of the studio you're looking for, in the search box below. Listings from the on-site pole dancing directory will be displayed in an overlay. To search again, just close the overlay and type another search term.

2. The Geographical Search Method:
This method is handy if you want to know how many studios are in a particular country, state, or city, or if you just prefer looking at a list version of the directory.

Listings for the United States, Canada, UK, and over 20 other countries appear just below, so you can easily browse the lists if you prefer.

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No listings for your area? You may have a studio nearby that just hasn't submitted their info to this pole dancing directory yet. In that case, a general Google search should turn up something for you. You'll have the best luck if you search using the name of your city or town and "pole dancing" like this: Smallville Pole Dancing. Good luck!

What's New?

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    Looking for UK pole dancing studios in England? There are so many to choose from! Let this directory help you find one nearby.

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    Feb 23, 24 05:54 PM

    Looking for Norway pole dancing classes? This directory will help you find a studio near you in Norway.

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  3. Nova Scotia Pole Dancing Directory

    Feb 23, 24 05:39 PM

    If you're searching for Nova Scotia pole dancing classes, this directory can help you find a studio, teacher or pole party company near you.

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  4. Florida Pole Dancing Directory

    Feb 12, 24 06:59 PM

    Looking for Florida pole dancing classes? Check out this directory - with over 50 studios listed, you're sure to find one near you!

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