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While Maine seems to be a bit slower to catch on than some of other US states when it comes to the vertical arts, we have managed to locate a couple of studios. As soon as we receive their information, we'll add them to this directory page.

We're always on the lookout for new studios, and we'll list these too, just as soon as we hear about them.

In fact, maybe you can help. If you happen to know of a Maine pole dancing studio or an instructor anywhere in the state, perhaps you'd ask them to visit our directory and submit their studio info?

Any studio or instructor can get a free Showcase listing page of their very own. It will help them get more exposure, and help people who are searching for classes. Thank you!

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To use it, just type "pole dancing" (no quotes needed) along with your city or county, into the search box.

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No luck in your wider search?

Darn! Sorry about that. Well, let's see what else we can do for you.

You might like to do a bit of reading on the different dance poles for home use. There are lots of options, from one that's permanently affixed in place, to removable models. You can even get a totally portable kit that comes with its own carrying case!

Once you've got the major equipment handled, it's entirely possible to teach yourself. Of course, most people find it easier to do this if they have a few tools and resources to help them out. Here are a few recommendations:

And the merits of a good DVD collection can't be understated. There are so many excellent choices available these days.

One of my favourites is the Felix Cane Pole Mastery Series. This 5 DVD set is a complete course from beginner to advanced. Felix is a world champion performer and teacher too, so you know you'll be learning from the best.

Whichever tools you choose, if you have no other choice but to learn at home I'm positive you'll have a blast. Let me know how it goes for you!

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