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There are so many pole dance and pole fitness DVDs available today that it's easy to get confused. This review page can help! If you want to know...

Which pole dance DVD is best for true beginners?

Are there any DVDs that have a fitness focus?

Which one has the most spins or tricks?

...you're in the right place. All of these are common questions asked by people looking to buy a DVD or two for home use. And up until now, there was no easy way to compare DVDs. But no more!


Pole dance DVD reviews by folks just like you. Yes, that's right, all of the reviews for the DVDs on this page were submitted entirely by the "learn at home" crowd.

Pole Cardio
Strength & Toning
Stretching & Flexibility

Click on any of the DVDs shown here to read a basic, objective description about what's on the DVD, as well as user reviews and comments submitted by visitors to this page.

You can even leave a review of your own for others to read too...you can do this by clicking on any DVD shown to go to its review page.

Dr. Amy Vol. 1
Pole Dancing DVDs
Dr. Amy Vol. 2
Pole Dance DVD

If you know of a DVD that's not listed on this page, please email me with the details so that I can add it. Thanks for helping others choose the best pole dancing DVD for their needs!
Live Once Int/Adv
Pole Dancing DVD
Vertical Dance Vol 1
Pole Dancing DVD
Vertical Dance Vol 2
Pole Dancing DVD

Wow, there sure are lots of great DVDs available these days! Here are some more for you to check out.
Pole Mastery
5 DVD Set
Felix Cane Pole Dancing DVD
Jamilla Deville Routines
Jamilla Deville Pole Dancing DVD

S Factor: Polework
S Factor Pole Dance DVD
PoleCats 1
Pole Dancing For You
Pole Dancing DVD

Pole Addiction
Pole Addiction Pole Dancing DVD
Pole Exercise Bundle
Pole Exercise DVD Set

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