Dr Amy's Pole Workout Vol 1

Dr. Amy - Vol. 1 (Beg/Int)

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Dr. Amy Vol. 1 - Basic Info


A 30 minute Pilates style workout (free exercise band included with DVD)

12 Beginner to Intermediate Pole Dancing Combinations that begin and end in the standing position so that you can mix and match them to create your own Pole Dance.

Beginner to intermediate climbing and inverted poses.

A break down of the combination moves and transitions including how to safely spot someone during inverted moves.

One choreographed pole dance utilizing 8 of the 12 combinations taught in this DVD.

From the DVD cover:

Amy Rosen D.C. has been, a doctor of Chiropractic since 1996, a teacher of pole dancing since February 2007, an ACE certified group fitness instructor since 1995, including a certified Pilates Reformer Instructor and a mother of two toddlers. With her vast experience in the group fitness industry combined with her chiropractic background you can be sure that you will be working out in a fun and safe format.

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