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There are 9 pole dance studios listed for Brasil (Brazil). Last update: April 27, 2023.

The super fun sport of pole dancing is spreading across the globe, so it's no surprise that it's found it's way to Brasil!

Below you'll find a list of Brazil pole dancing studios, listed alphabetically first by city, and then by studio name. For each listing, you'll also see a way to contact the studio directly—either a website or Facebook URL, or a phone number.

If you own a studio that isn't listed, or if your listing needs to be updated, please use this simple form to submit the details. Your addition or changes will be made with the next regular update.


It's a good idea to call ahead if you plan to visit one of these studios. Hours of operation and class schedules have been omitted from the directory purposefully, because these can and do change frequently.

Save yourself a trip and call ahead.


Studio Elas
Q. 101 loja 73 - Águas Claras
+55 61 99266-9749


Be Free Pole Studio by: Ligya Britto
R. Castro Alves, 2532 - Centro
+55 45 99934-1880

Rio de Janeiro

COBERTURA do Clube Sírio e Libanês - Estr. do Pontal, 6625 - Recreio dos Bandeirantes
+55 21 99296-7916

Pin Up Pole Studio
R. Santa Luzia, 760 - Centro
+55 21 97251-5012

Studio 1
Inside Mix Mall & Business
R. Lopo Saraiva 179 Bloco 03 Segundo Andar - Loja B - Pechincha
+55 21 98032-8666

São Carlos

Brasil Pole Dance
R. Dom Pedro II, 1231 - Sala 6 - Centro

São Paulo

Fama Circo e Pole
R. Min. Luiz Gallotti, 81 - Vila Cordeiro
+55 11 95551-0838

Studio Metrópole
R. Bela Cintra, 409 - Consolação
+55 11 2339-0639

Studio Pole Company
Rua Bento Vieira de Castro, 286 Vila Santana - Itaquera
+55 11 98073-5528

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Still can't find a studio nearby?

There may not be any studios near you yet, but here are a few other ideas that might help you.

You could have a look at this section with lots of information to help you find the best way to learn, even if there are no classes in your area yet.

You might also want to find out more about the different types of dance poles that can be installed in your home. If there isn't a studio near you where you can take classes, you might want to buy your own dance pole and learn at home. There are several resources available to help you if you want to teach yourself. For example...

Pole DVDs

There are some awesome pole dancing DVDs available, by some equally awesome teachers and performers. Which one will you choose?

Books & Manuals

These pole dance training books and manuals are good learning aids, and they're affordable too. Expand your home study library today!

Online Courses

Find out if an online pole dancing course would suit you, & read reviews of different programs to help you decide if this method is the right one for you.

Hopefully one of them will work for you, so you can start enjoying the fun and fitness of a pole dancing workout!

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