S Factor: Polework

S Factor : Polework 101 By Shela Kelley

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Sheila Kelley was one of the pioneers of the pole fitness movement with her S Factor workout. This DVD, while somewhat dated given the caliber of today's pole dancers, is still a classic.

Devotees of the S Factor movement system will find a familiar 20 minute warm up/strip workout incorporating stretching and strengthen exercises to prepare for the pole tricks.

The warm up is followed by instruction in nine basic pole moves and tricks. These include: Swing Walk, Pole Over, Pole Bend, Pole Spin, Firefly, Corkscrew, Ballerina, Half-pint, Pole Slide.

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Comments for S Factor: Polework

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well produced
by: Anonymous

Mind you, I've never done this. I don't have a pole. I was given a pack of her 3 (at that time) DVDs with her book as a gift. The DVD is well produced. Her warm up (like her "workout system" as whole) is based on the idea of sexy movement, but her instruction for the pole work is much more thoughtful and not just about enjoying your sensuality or sexuality. She presents a few exercises for developing strength and a small but interesting selection of pole tricks. She gives many suggestions for performing the tricks, breaks them down well, and is very encouraging throughout. She makes the tricks seem very doable for anyone. Also, her expressions make it clear that she loves what she does, and the fun she's having is contagious.

My biggest peeve is that she demos everything on only one side, with the exception of some of the strength holds and lifts. She says at the end everyone should do their handedness/ rotation direction and then follow up with the opposite. That she doesn't do it herself and offer suggestions for working with the harder side is annoying and a missed opportunity for instruction. It also made me wonder if she isn't going with her strongest only to make her tricks seem stronger by avoiding the weaker side/ rotation direction-- much a like a figure skater typically only jumps/ spins in one direction.

Still a very basic, approachable, and attractive DVD for the absolute beginner, especially one who is interested in the more sensual aspects of pole/stripping workouts. I do look forward to trying it when I get a pole.

Beginners Only
by: K

From the reviews it seems this one is dated.
Possibly good for beginners who only want a workout but have no desire to push further.
I would not recommend to add to your collection - if you have experience behind you and are looking to advance in your skill level

not bad - for a beginner
by: Anonymous

I purchased S Factor:Polework a LONG, LONG, LONG time ago. At the time, it was one of the few Pole DVDs on the market. It is DEFINITELY for a beginner. Compared to today's level of pole fitness, it is extremely basic.

With that being said, it is very easy to follow along and it wouldn't be too intimidating for a newbie. S Factor focuses on the sensual side of being female. It focuses not so much on pole tricks per se as it does on female empowerment. It helps you learn to be comfortable in your won skin.

Pole work...for beginners
by: Bayleigh Jordan Pettigrew

The video is very well produced and made. The instruction is easy to follow and, like all the S Factor dvds, the warm-up is easy to modify if you've got limitations.

However, S Factor's level of pole tricks in general is well below the level found in competitions today. This is to be expected, since Sheila Kelly, the founder, has stated that it isn't really so much a "pole dance" studio, but more an "empowerment" studio, which is the way it is designed and run.

I wish the DVD had made it more clear to those not familiar with the names that studio uses for particular moves to classify it as being for beginners, because it certainly is.

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