Jamilla Deville Routines 1 & 2

Jamilla Deville Routines 1 and Routines 2 (2 DVD Set)

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This 2 DVD set is the perfect compliment to Jamilla's Art of Pole DVD set. In her Routines DVDs, Jamilla combines the moves she teaches in her Art of Pole series with transitions to create artistic pole dance choreographies.

Offering several routines from the beginner to advanced levels, these DVDs will help you learn to put together your moves into beautiful combinations that flow naturally and easily.

Warm up, cool down, and Jamilla's famous safety tips and techniques are included.

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Comments for Jamilla Deville Routines 1 & 2

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Want Choreography
by: Mulan

Yes! Dance moves and tricks in choreo! Soon I'll be able to put together my own routines :)

Great DVDs
by: Anonymous

The DVDs are correctly labeled for the level they are designed for. The beginner routine can be followed by even the newest pole fitness dancer. However, even advanced students can probably find something worth while in this DVD too.

Jamilla is easy to follow along.

These are fun DVDs and will be a wonderful addition to your pole fitness collection. It is in my top 2 favorites

by: Tiggz

Just amazing!

I sooooo want this!!
by: Alysia

I want to be able to move like her!!!

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