Live Once Int/Adv Pole Dance DVD

Live Once Pole Dance DVD Cover

Live Once Pole Dance DVD Cover

In this DVD, Elisabeth Magalhaes, owner of Live Once Pole Dance and Fitness studio, will guide you through over 20 Intermediate and Advanced Pole Dance moves as well as a new advanced conditioning segment.

Beginning with a comprehensive introduction, safety tips and a warm up, this DVD will cover every area needed to take your pole training to a new level.

Moves List

    Extended Butterfly
    Cross Ankle Release
    Cross Knee Release
    Spinning Helicopter
    Reverse Hook to Gemini Butterfly
    Spinning Helicopter to Scorpio
    Super cradle
    Reverse Knee Hold
    Cross Leg Hip Hold
    Hand spring
    Cartwheel mount
    Shoulder mount to inversion
    Side Climb to Shoulder Mount
    Bow and Arrow from Cross Ankle Release
    Iguana mount
    Broken Pencil
    Power Flip Reverse Hook
    Plus all of the conditioning moves!

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LOVE this dvd!!
by: Holly

I have been involved in pole dancing for 4 years and thanks to Elisabeth, I have achieved goals I never thought possible. Her thorough instruction and style of teaching enabled me to learn to move in a way I've never moved before. As a result of building strength, confidence, and sensuality - I am now able to perform every inversion and "combination" on the dvd. Everything is explained and demonstrated in a very clear and concise manner, which is difficult to come by in the art of pole dance - especially on a dvd! I can always count on this dvd to continue to 'perfect' my movements, or put the material together to create my own variety of combinations again and again so I never get bored. I would recommend this video to anyone at the intermediate/advanced level.

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