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Dance poles...so much to know, so little patience. 'Cause you want to get airborne right now, yes? OK, let's get started!

What's The Best Pole Dancing Pole?

The truth is, the best dance pole is going to be different for everyone, depending on your budget, your goals, how much space you have, how much flexibility you need in terms of being able to move your pole or take it up and down, and a number of other factors.

The good news is, no matter what your situation, there's almost sure to be a pole dancing pole that will suit your needs. This section strives to answer that burning question...."Which type of dance pole is best for ME?"

What's the best dance pole?

Maybe you've got high vaulted ceilings in your house, or perhaps you live in a basement suite with ceilings so low it's practically a crawl space.

You might be thinking of getting into the business of teaching pole fitness, or doing home pole dancing parties, and you need to know what your options are for portable or removable dance poles.

And if you're on a budget, the cost to purchase a good pole is going to be an important consideration as well.

Fortunately, home dance poles now come in a variety of materials and price points, along with many unique features.

For example...

  • Is safety your primary concern? Then you'll want to look into a permanently mounted pole. This type of dance pole ranks tops for safety because it's permanently attached to both the floor and the ceiling via screws that go into studs. Of course, nothing is guaranteed, but a properly installed permanent pole dancing pole is your safest bet as it's the least likely to come down.
  • Do you have very limited space that has to do double duty as a pole room? A removable pole might be the perfect solution. These poles have a secure ceiling mount, so they are almost as safe as a permanent dance pole, but because they are not attached to the floor they can be removed and stowed away (under the bed?) when not in use.
  • If you need to avoid drilling holes into your ceiling, check out this info on friction fit dance poles. If you rent and can't get permission to drill holes into the ceiling studs, or would just rather avoid this altogether, a friction fit dance pole leaves no marks and might be the right choice. But you'll want to be aware of some special safety issues before you buy.
  • If being able to move your pole from place to place is a priority, you'll want to check out some portable poles. These poles are specially designed to make removing, storing, transporting and setting up easy and efficient. They're a must-have if you're planning to do home pole parties.
  • Do you have extra high ceilings? Or perhaps you plan to use your pole at trade shows that typically take place in cavernous arenas and other large venues? Or maybe you're planning to pole in the great outdoors! Platform dance poles tend to be the most expensive option, but they fit the bill for all of the above and more.
  • And finally, if you're ready for some extra challenge and want to take your pole dancing to the next level, or think you might want to in the future, rotating or spinning poles are right up your alley. Fortunately, most spinning poles can also be used in stationary mode so this could be an option even if you're brand new to poling.

No matter what your situation, there's a pole dancing pole that's best for YOU!

Dance Pole Reviews

Want the scoop? Get it here.

These reviews are super detailed, and cover everything from product quality to customer service, and even warranty information.

dance pole reviews

Get all the details you need to make the right decision about which brand and model of pole dancing pole is right for you.

Dance Pole Safety

dance pole safety info

Safety is sexy! Crash landings, sprained toes, and pole burn...not so much.

In this section, you'll get all the general safety information you need, as well as links to detailed safety tips for each specific type of pole.

Your Pole Pal says..."stay safe and live to dance another day!"

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