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A portable dance pole is a popular choice for several reasons. Most obviously, a portable model can be removed and reinstalled whenever you like, and it can be easily transported from place to place. At least in theory.

The Lil Mynx Pro Pole is lightweight, very sturdy, and easily portable.
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The trouble is that the term "portable" can be misleading. Or perhaps more accurately, different people have different opinions on what defines portable.

For example, let's say you have a platform dance pole, one of those old school ones on a 4'x4' square plywood base.

If you own a truck and have an extra set of hands to help load and unload it, you might consider this a portable setup.

However, if you're like me and you drive a teeny-tiny-mobile, you're definitely not thinking portable when you think platform pole!

Not that I don't love my little car, but as spacious as it is there's just no way I'm getting a 4'x4' plywood base in it, or even on it. Trust me, I've tried!

So, for the purposes of this discussion, let's define a portable pole as one that breaks down into several pieces, fits into a carrying case of some kind, and can be easily transported in a small vehicle. Like the Lil Mynx Pro Pole pictured above.

A Portable Pole May Be Right For You If...

Rather obviously, a portable setup will appeal to you if you need to be able to move your pole easily from place to place. If you have a home pole dancing party business for example, portability is a must.

If you perform at shows or parties, or you own a studio and attend trade shows as an exhibitor, a portable setup may also be a good choice. For trade shows in arenas and other large, open areas, however, a platform dance pole may be a better option.

X-Pole Portable Dance Pole

Even if you only plan to use it in your own home, you may want to consider a portable option simply for ease of storage. If you want to be able to remove your pole but are concerned about where you're going to put all 8+ feet of it, a portable dance pole that breaks down and tucks away neatly in a case may be just the ticket.

Top Portable Dance Pole Picks

Lil' Mynx has a nice quality, two piece portable dance pole that packs up neatly in a hard case (pictured at very top of page).

The case is great to have if you plan to move your pole around a lot, as it protects your investment as well as all the accessories.

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My other recommendation is X-Pole, which makes several portable models that come with soft carrying cases. Xpoles are available in a variety of finishes: chrome or titanium gold finish, black or hot pink powder coating, black or hot pink silicone coating, brass and stainless steel. and in standard 2" as well as 1.75" diameter options.

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Portable Dance Pole Pros and Cons

Many people consider a portable pole to be the most convenient of all the options available. They're compact, they store easily, they can be transported without much trouble, and they can be installed almost anywhere as long as the ceiling height and structure is appropriate.

On the downside, this convenience comes at a price, as portable models tend to be one of the more expensive choices. When you factor in the extra manufacturing costs to create a pole that can be safely dismantled, and the cost of a carrying case or bag, it's easy to see why the portable option is a bit more pricey.

However, if you're planning to start or join a pole dancing party business, then a portable model may well be worth the extra cost. After all, you can't very well be drilling holes in your hostess's ceiling, and it's not really very practical to lug a bulky platform pole across town just for an hour or two of fun!

On the other hand, if your main consideration is being able to take your pole down when your mother-in-law comes to visit, then a one-piece friction fit dance pole or a removable dance pole may be a more economical choice for you.

And remember, as with a friction fit dance pole, safety is a concern with a portable version, since they typically use a friction type mount also.

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If you've decided that a portable model is your best option, be sure to read this additional info on portable dance pole safety.

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Thinking of going with a portable dance pole? Be sure to check out this dance pole review page to learn more about the different brands of portable poles I recommend.

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