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If you own, or plan to buy, a portable stripper pole, you might be wondering about safety.

"Are portable poles really safe?"

"How do I make sure it doesn't come down?"

"Are there things I can do to ensure my portable setup is as safe as possible?"

These are all common questions and concerns when buying a portable dance pole. And Your Pole Pal has answers!

First of all, because these poles need to be assembled each time you install them, you'll want to ensure you're familiar with all the parts and tools required, and make sure you always put them in the same place so you have everything you need, when you need it.

There's nothing worse than discovering you're missing an essential part just when you're pumped for a practice session!

When you first get your portable pole, it's important to spend some time practicing assembling it so that you feel confident you can put it together and install it correctly.

You'll probably be excited when it first arrives and want to get right on it, but make sure you understand what's involved in a safe assembly and installation will be time well spent.

Be sure to use care during assembly, in order to avoid damaging the finish. If you use excessive force, you may scratch the coating or worse, damage an internal mechanism that is essential for the safe installation of your pole.

If something isn't going together properly, re-read the instructions to be sure you're doing it correctly, check for any damage or wear, and if all else fails, contact the manufacturer for advice.

In addition to these tips on portable stripper pole safety, you'll also want to read this friction fit pole safety information. Since all portable models use a friction mount system (but not all friction poles are necessarily portable!), you will find some very important safety information on that page as well.

Finally, be sure you load test your pole after setting it up. Because portable dance poles tend to move around a lot, it's easy to get a bit lax with your safety checks. For true pole safety, please ensure you check your installation every time.

Top Pick - Portable Dance Pole

X-Pole carries several portable pole models that come with carrying cases. They're sturdy and surprisingly lightweight. Xpoles are available in chrome or titanium gold finish, and in 40, 45 and 50 mm diameters.

Portable Stripper Pole - Safety Recap

Familiarize yourself with all the required parts, and always keep them in the case so you know where everything is

Spend some time getting to know the assembly process so you feel confident with the installation process

Take care when assembling not to damage any of the parts, particularly the mechanism that holds the pole in place

Always load test your pole after setting it up and before dancing on it.

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