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Need gift ideas for the pole dancer on your list? Not to worry, Your Pole Pal has loads.

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Whether it's for a special occasion such as a birthday or Valentine's Day, finding the perfect present for the pole dancer in your life can be stressful...especially if you don't really "get" the whole pole dancing thing.

Don't worry, help is here!

Your Pole Pal does her very best to stay up to date on the latest goodies, gadgets and gift items that any pole dancer is sure to appreciate.

If you're overwhelmed, don't have a clue where to start, or just don't know the first thing about what your budding vertical artist might want or need, Your Pole Pal is here to help you out with suggestions and personal recommendations.

Ready to get started? Here we go!

Let's Start With Dance Poles

If your intended recipient is just getting into pole dancing and is feeling limited by once-a-week sessions at the local studio, a dance pole should earn you some major brownie points!

These days, you can get almost any type of pole imaginable...portable or permanent, brass or stainless, stationary or spinning, the list goes on!

read dance pole reviews

I've written detailed and complete reviews of the major dance poles, including everything you need to know to find the perfect one for your lucky pole dancer. Go here to get help choosing the right pole...

Luxury Gift Ideas

These recommendations for luxury gifts for pole dancers include only items of the highest quality, and/or unusual, one-of-a-kind equipment and accessories.

If you're looking for the best that money can buy, or a very unique gift, you might just find it here.

Jamilla Deville Ultimate DVD Collection - $120

This award winning DVD set from Jamilla Deville, one of the world's most accomplished pole performers, would be a welcome addition to any pole dancer's collection.

The set includes the Art of Pole series, widely referred to as the "Pole Dancer's Bible." These five full length DVDs include detailed step-by-step instruction, mini-routines combining the moves being taught, warm up and cool down exercises, and even short performance segments.

Also included are two additional DVDs with a variety of pole dancing routines. These are fabulous both for inspiration and for help with choreography.

Suitable for all levels and designed with progression in mind. This DVD set has a 5 star rating at Amazon, with good reason. Highly recommended by Your Pole Pal!

To see a selection of other popular pole dance instructional DVDs, including user reviews to help you choose the best one for your intended recipient, please visit this page.

Pink Rhinestone Platform Ankle Boots - $175

pink rhinestone platform pole dancing boot

Pure Upscale is one of Your Pole Pal's all time favorite online shops for pole dance shoes, and these pink platform boots are just one more awesome reason to head on over there right now!

These gorgeous ankle boots have a 2.75" platform, a 7" heel, and are covered in glittery rhinestones. They also have a side zipper for easy on/off.

Any pole dancer who enjoys the sexy side of the sport is sure to love these fabulous boots!

Premium Pole Crash Mat - $240

Pole crash mats really shouldn't be considered a luxury item, at least not once it's time to tackle climbs and inversions. Falls from a dance pole can be very dangerous, particularly where inversions are concerned.

A pole mat will help your favorite pole dancer stay safe while learning more challenging moves. This particular mat gets Your Pole Pal's recommendation for several reasons: At 5' wide and 3.5" thick, it's built to be good at what it does; the foam is very firm, and the outer vinyl layer is tough enough to handle stilettos!

This pole dancing safety mat is available in purple, black, pink and blue, and each mat comes with its own carrying case.

Pole Dancing Gifts Under $100

The Pole Fitness DVD Set - $65

Suitable for pole dancers who are at the beginner to improver level, this set of 3 DVDs includes a pole-specific strength building workout, a stretching and flexibility session, and a super fun pole dance class designed to improve cardio fitness.

All 3 workouts take place on the dance pole, with progressions and modifications for different levels. This is a practical gift idea for those looking to improve their overall pole fitness.

The DVDs are available individually, but you'll save $10 when buying all 3 as a set. Plus, shipping is included in the price, which all adds up to a great deal on an awesome pole dancing gift!

(If you want to read more about this DVD set before buying, you can get all the details here.)

Glow In The Dark Platform Shoes - $75

There's not a pole dancer alive who doesn't LOVE a great pair of platform shoes. Add a little glow-in-the-dark sassiness and you've got a sure winner!

These shoes are available from one of Your Pole Pal's favorite shops, Pure Upscale. They ship worldwide and have an awesome selection of sexy shoes just perfect for the adventurous pole dancer.

Art of Pole 5 DVD Box Set - $99

This 5 DVD set from champion pole dancer Jamilla Deville is a complete training program in a box.

Suitable for all levels, these DVDs cover everything from the basics to advanced tricks, inversions and more. Any pole dancer would love to add this set to their pole dancing DVD library...just ask any pole dancer!

Pole Dancing Gifts Under $50

Extra Strength Pole Grip - $45

For those who complain about slipping or losing their grip while dancing, one of the popular brands of pole grip, such as iTac, tucked in a Christmas stocking might be just the thing.

This is a fabulous pole dancing gift idea, since grip issues plague almost every pole dancer. This particular grip is extra strength to help ensure a no-slip experience.

iTac2 works by repelling sweat and moisture. It's hypoallergenic and made from natural beeswax. And unlike some other products, it won't leave a white residue on skin or pole.

And bonus, the large 200 gram (7.5 oz) size will last quite a while, especially since a little goes a long way.

Flexibility Trainer - $46

If there's one thing that almost every pole dancer wants, it's greater flexibility. This pro level trainer attaches quickly and easily to any door, and can handle a tension load of 300 lbs. It's designed to stay in place, and will not damage the door.

Give the gift of flexibility to the pole dancer in your life!

Pole Dancing Gifts Under $25

Neoprene Half Sole Foot Pad - $22

Yes, it looks a bit odd, but this neoprene half sole is commonly worn by dancers (including pole dancers!) to help protect the balls of the feet from blistering. Too many pivot turns in bare feet on a sweaty floor will do that!

Easy to slip on and off whenever a little extra protection is needed, these half sole foot pads are just the ticket to allow longer practice sessions.

Neoprene washes up easily and dries quickly, so these will always be ready when they're needed. Plus, they're now available in a variety of fun colors and patterns, and they also come with a cute carrying pouch to keep them clean and dry.

"My Pole Needs Me" Water Bottle - $21

Pole dancers need to stay hydrated, and what better way than with this sassy water bottle?

Stainless steel construction with a spout for easier drinking on the go. The plastic screw top even has a loop for easy carrying or clip it on (just be sure to unclip before getting on the pole!).

Holds 20 oz (approx 600 ml) of water or your favorite sport drink.

Pole Cardio Workout DVD - $25

What sets this DVD apart from all the other pole dance DVDs out there is its singular focus on providing an awesome cardio fitness workout. This is not an instructional pole dancing DVD, but rather a fitness class on a dance pole!

This calorie-torching workout combines simple yet sexy moves into a super fun dance routine that even pole beginners will be able to do. That's because there are no crazy tricks and no airborne moves.

But don't be fooled...the cardio benefits are huge, even for intermediate to advanced dancers.

Read more about the benefits of this DVD here, or if you're ready to get yours now, you can go directly to the order page.

Give your favorite pole dancer an awesome cardio workout with this pole-based cardio workout today!

More Pole Dancing Gift Suggestions

Pole Dancing Clothes

Pole dancers need enough bare skin in the right places to help them grip the pole safely. Beyond that, each person will have their own comfort level with how much additional coverage they'd like.

For some, a sexy, strappy outfit might just fit the bill. For others, something that's flexible enough to be fun but also suitable for wearing in the studio might be more appropriate, like this cute and colorful set from Riot Polewear.

High quality fabrics, bright colors, and a 12 month guarantee on all clothing items, make Riot a clothing line worth checking out.

To see lots more ideas, just visit the pole dance clothing section of this site.

Shoes & Boots

Sexy shoes and boots are another option for the pole dancer who's ready to up their game! Your Pole Pal has compiled a list of the best online sources for pole dancing shoes and boots to make it easier to find high quality footwear that's perfect for pole dancing. Check it out!

Black platform lace up bootsTap/Click to find the best online sources for pole dance shoes & boots

And If All Else Fails...Amazon To The Rescue!

Christmas gift card

An Amazon Gift Card is always a great gift. It's perfect if you don't know what the recipient needs or wants, since Amazon carries everything...dance poles, shoes, DVDs, books and more!

Plus, if you're gifting at the last minute, you can choose a downloadable gift card to print off and give. If the recipient is far away you can even email it or send it to them via Messenger!


If the special day is approaching quickly and you're purchasing pole dancing gifts that will need to be mailed - especially around the busy Christmas season, it's a good idea to confirm shipping times before hitting the order button, to ensure you're not cutting it too close!

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