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Welcome to our directory of California studios, instructors and party companies. All of the listings in our searchable, worldwide directory appear below in alphabetical order by city, for those who prefer to search geographically.

To use the directory, just click on any of the California based studios below that interest you. Each link goes to a special Showcase Page for that studio, which has all the details on what they offer, contact information, and more.


Jayvee Dance Center

Anaheim Hills

Embody Pole Fitness


Embody Pole Fitness

Costa Mesa

Pole Fitness Xpress

Imperial Beach

Glamore Pole Fitness


Ms. Tryss Boutique


Slinky Productions

Palm Springs

Moving Body Fitness

Rancho Cucamonga

Glam Doll Fitness

Redondo Beach

Siren Fitness


Vertical Fitness Studio LLC

San Francisco

Slinky Productions

Studio City

Polistic Pole Dance & Sexy Pilates

If you can't find a studio in your part of California, you may want to try using the search box below to look farther afield, as there may be studios in your area who have not yet submitted their information to the directory.

Just type in the words "pole dancing" (without the quotes) and the city or area in which you're hoping to find a class, then click the search button. Any studios or instructors not yet listed in our directory should turn up here.

Still can't find a studio nearby?

Uh oh, sorry about that. But don't worry, there's still hope! Why not check out our learning resource page for other options if there's no studio nearby?

You might also want to find out about ways to learn at home...there are lots of options available these days, and I've put links to more information over there on the right.

And finally, if you're super enthusiastic, you might even consider teaching yourself, and then taking a course to learn to teach others. That way, you can help potential students in your area. After all, California is a big state, and there's plenty of room for more studios!

If you're curious, you can learn more about teaching jobs on this page.

Are you aware of a California pole dancing studio, instructor, or party company that's not yet in this directory? Please send them to our directory submission page to get listed too!

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