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Your Pole Pal remembers way back in the day when "pole dancing" and "clothes" were rarely seen together in the same sentence.

Fortunately, things have changed a whole lot with the advent of pole dancing for fitness, and now there are so many amazing clothing options from which to choose.

There's no doubt that the right clothing can enhance your pole dance adventure, whether you're in it for the fun, the fitness, or both.

But while there are practical matters to consider (like having the right fitness wear for advanced tricks), there's also the fun factor to think about (do you want to play with costumes and heels?).

And of course if you're searching for a competition outfit, you'll need to take both factors into account.

As you start your search for your perfect pole dance clothing, a helpful question you may want to ask yourself is...

"Am I mainly interested in the fitness aspects,
or do I want to explore the sexy side of this sport too?"

While there's no right or wrong answer, how you respond will help guide your decisions if you're shopping for a pole dance outfit.

To help you choose from the growing number of options available, Your Pole Pal is creating a special guide just for you!

This page is being updated regularly with new pole fitness wear manufacturers, along with information on the types of clothing they sell, user reviews, and other details to help you make a purchase you'll be happy with.

Your Pole Pal is working extra hard to offer lots of options to meet the needs of pole dancers everywhere, whether you're in it for fitness, fun, or a little of both.

And it's all provided for you free of charge, of course! Please stop by often to check for new clothing from new companies who understand what YOU need when you buy pole dancing clothes.

Pole Dancing Clothes For Fitness


Boomkats operates out of the EU and has a fabulous line of pole fitness clothing that's also got a substantial amount of sass.

Just take a look at some of their designs on the left. Aside from tops and shorts, they also have leggings and a ton of accessories like boot sleeves, leg wraps, knee pads and more.

They even have gift cards in both regular and email versions!

Did I mention....they also have pole shorts for men!

Boomkats now offers some fab men's pole shorts too. Currently they're available in two styles....the "tape" style shown here, and a shiny black version which looks very slick.

No doubt Boomkats will be coming out with more designs soon, but why wait? You can get more details on both of these styles here.

Remember, they ship from Europe and can take up to 2 weeks to arrive in North America (1 week within the EU) so be sure to place your order in plenty of time if you need them for a competition.

More pole fitness clothing options coming soon!

Sexy Pole Wear

Wicked Temptations

If you're looking for a sexy pole dancing outfit, a theme costume, or just want to have a little fun exploring the sexy side of pole, Wicked Temptations is your one-stop shop.

They have a HUGE selection of lingerie, costumes, club wear and more, so you're sure to find something that appeals, no matter what your taste.

Why not check them out today!?

Wicked Temptations

More Sexy Pole Wear suggestions coming soon!

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