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Do you remember way back in the day when "pole dancing" and "clothes" were rarely seen together in the same sentence? Your Pole Pal does!

Fortunately, things have changed a whole lot with the growing popularity of pole dancing for fitness, and now there are so many amazing clothing options for you to choose from.

But while there are practical matters to consider (like having enough skin exposed for advanced tricks), there's also the fun factor to think about (do you want to play with costumes and heels?).

And of course if you're searching for a competition outfit, you'll need to take both factors into account.

But either way, there's no doubt that the right clothing can enhance your pole dance adventure, whether you're in it for the fun, the fitness, or both.

To help you choose from the growing number of options available, Your Pole Pal has created this special guide just for you!

This page is being updated regularly with new pole wear ideas, along with links to sites where you can buy anything that catches your eye.

Your Pole Pal is working extra hard to offer lots of options to meet the needs of pole dancers everywhere. Whether you're in it for fitness, fun, or a little of both, you're sure to find the perfect pole dancing clothes right here.

Please stop by often to check for new clothing from more companies who understand what YOU need when you buy pole dancing clothes.

Pole Dancing Clothes ~ What's New?


iHeartRaves caters to the rave and festival crowds, but many of their outfits would be super cute for pole dancing too.

Just take a look at these Kaleidoscopic Kween high waisted booty shorts. They're perfect for the pole!

iHeartRaves has a huge selection of clothing. They carry tops and shorts, leg warmers, hosiery, bodysuits and much more. There's also a ton of accessories like masks, jewelry, pasties and hair accessories.

Shipping is free to the US with a minimum $75 order, and to Canada with a minimum $100 order.

And the best part?

Your Pole Pal has arranged a special discount just for you. Use this special link to browse, and if you decide to place an order just enter the coupon code POLEPAL10 when you check out. You'll get 10% off your order total. You're welcome!

Pure Upscale

If you're looking for a sexy pole dancing outfit, a theme costume, or just want to have a little fun exploring the sexy side of pole, Pure Upscale is is your one-stop shop.

And just to add to your temptation, Your Pole Pal has a special code just for you, so you can save 15% off anything in the Pure Upscale online store!

Just click this link to shop, then remember to enter the code RETURN15 when you check out to receive your discount.

Happy shopping, and remember, you must enter the code above at checkout in order to receive your special discount.

Wicked Temptations

Wicked Temptations is another brand that offers a massive selection of sexy clothing, including many items suitable for pole dancing if you're looking for something other than fitness wear.

Wicked Temptations

They have a HUGE selection of lingerie, costumes, club wear and more, so you're sure to find something that appeals, no matter what your taste.

While they're not currently offering any coupon discounts, they have frequent seasonal sales on their website. You're almost certain to find some sweet deals no matter when you visit.

Why not check them out today!?

Riot Polewear

New on the pole wear scene, Riot pole dance clothing is edgy yet practical, being made specifically for pole dancing. They're also the only pole clothing company offering a 12 month guarantee on every item they sell.

Check out the teasers below for a peek at this sassy new brand...

Did you catch that? Grippy arms on a sexy pole dancing top? Yes please!

And check out the set below, the style is called Troublemaker and it's available in lots of great colors and sizes XS to XL.

This is an amazing line of pole dance clothing, and Your Pole Pal recommends you go check it out. And just in case you need a little encouragement, here's a discount coupon to tempt you.

Just hop on over to Riot Pole Wear and when you're ready to check out, use the code POLEPAL10 for a 10% discount on your total order. Enjoy!

Discount Stripper

Discount Stripper is another very popular online shop for sexy pole dancing clothes. Aside from a mind-boggling selection of styles and colors, they offer free shipping in the US with just a $35 minimum order. And if you're not in the US, not to worry...worldwide shipping is free with any order over $150.

Free shipping on orders over $35

Check out these leather side-tie shorts from Discount Stripper...they're just the ticket for a little pole play, don't you think?

More Sexy Pole Wear suggestions coming soon!

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