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If you're thinking of buying a home dance pole and are concerned about safety, a removable dance pole is one of the best options available, next to a permanently affixed dance pole. This is primarily due to the ceiling mount that defines this type of pole. Below are some examples of different ceiling mounts used by different brands of dance poles.

Lil Mynx dance pole ceiling mount
Lil Mynx permanent mount for vaulted ceilings
X-Pole Ceiling Mount for removable dance pole

The reason that a ceiling mount increases safety is that the pole fits over a mount that has a small protrusion. This means that the top of the pole is held in place by something other than friction.

Due to this extra security, the pole is much less likely to come down if the base of the pole shifts, as the top of the pole will continue to be held in place.

The photos above show some typical ceiling mounts for removable poles.

On the left is the Lil Mynx bolted mount for standard ceilings.

Lil Mynx also makes a mount for vaulted ceilings, show in the center.

The photo on the right shows an X-Pole ceiling mount. This one has a different, but equally effective, design

Because of the ceiling mount that holds the top of the pole in place, a removable pole is generally considered safer than any of the friction fit models.

However, as with all dance poles, it's wise to familiarize yourself with the safety information specific to your particular model before installing and using it.

3 Steps To Removable Dance Pole Safety

Here's what you need to know to stay safe if you're thinking of buying a removable dance pole.

  • As noted above, removable dance poles are installed by way of a ceiling mount that must be properly installed into a ceiling joist. The top of the pole then slides over this mount when you want to put it up, and easily pulls off again when you want to remove it.

    In order to function properly (ie, safely), it's important that the ceiling mount is installed correctly. You'll need to not only find a ceiling joist, but ensure that the mount is installed securely in the center of the joist so that it doesn't work its way loose.

    Typically, you'll leave this mount in place when you take your pole down. However, you should check the screws that hold it in place from time to time. While unlikely, they can loosen over time, reducing the safety of your pole.

Top Pick - Removable Dance Pole

X-Pole is now one of the world's leading dance pole brands, carrying a huge variety of pole and aerial equipment. Their removable pole is sturdy and offers greater safety than a friction mounted pole.

  • Like friction fit models, removable dance poles usually require some degree of tightening once they've been installed. Otherwise, the base of the pole can shift out of plumb, creating an unsafe situation.

  • Be sure to tighten your pole sufficiently so the base doesn't move. However, it's also important not to over-tighten it, as this can create excessive wear on plastic mounting hardware, as well as internal mechanisms.
  • And finally, always make sure you understand and follow the manufacturer's instructions to the letter so that you don't compromise your safety through an incorrect installation.

Remember, for maximum safety always treat your equipment with the respect it deserves, no matter which type or brand of pole you choose.

By using common sense and following a few specific dance pole safety guidelines, you'll find that a removable dance pole ranks very high on the safety scale.

Removable Dance Pole Safety Recap

  • Make sure you understand how to install the ceiling mount correctly
  • Check the mounting hardware regularly for any signs of wear, and replace if necessary
  • Tighten your pole after installation, but only as much as is needed to keep it safely in place; over-tightening can damage the mounting hardware and/or the internal mechanism
  • Understand and follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully, and contact customer support if in doubt about correct installation.

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