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A platform dance pole is a special setup useful in specific situations, for example outdoors or in a venue with very high ceilings where a regular height pole would be too short to be properly supported.

Many people also buy one because they want a built in stage to dance on. Some folks even build their own because they're handy with a hammer and saw and want to save some money.

If you're one of these handy types, check out these great instructions that show you how to make your own.

Your Pole Pal definitely remembers being frustrated at her first trade show because there was nowhere to install her friction fit pole.

The show was held in an arena with extremely high ceilings so a typical removable pole wasn't going to cut it.

After that, a platform pole became a must-have item that went to all her trade shows. That's it in the photo to the right!

Your Pole Pal actually had hers built on a round base. It does lose a bit of dance area over a square base, but it's easy to roll into place just like a giant spool of thread. Kinda weird but nonetheless, problem solved!

Your Pole Pal's Top Platform Pole Pick

X-Pole has a very nice setup that packs up into a wheeled case for easy transport. The platform has soft, rounded edges and comes standard with a rotating option. You can read a detailed review by clicking the X-Pole banner above.

Is A Platform Dance Pole Right For You?

A platform dance pole can take up a lot of room and is not usually suitable for home use, though there are some exceptions.

If you have a large space, and especially if you need to use it for other things besides your own practice, you may be happy with the versatility this set up will give you.

For example, if you perform or attend trade shows or other business events, having a platform stage will serve you well.

Your Pole Pal used to use hers several times a year for trade shows, community events, and performances.

Although a little more pricey than a standard pole, a portable stage or platform pole can be a very worthwhile investment. And you won't ever have to worry about ceiling height when you go out on location!

Pros & Cons

A platform pole, like any other type, has its pros and cons.

Of all the different models available today, poles that come with an attached stage are typically the most expensive, so you'll want to be sure you've made the right choice before you lay down your hard earned cash.

The biggest advantage is that they can be used in many locations that would normally pose a problem. For example, in venues with very high ceilings (arenas, theaters, auditoriums) or outdoors, a platform dance pole can come in very handy.

And if you have a studio or a party company, or are thinking about getting into this business, you may want to seriously consider buying or making one, as they're excellent to use for promotional purposes.

One important thing that you should consider, however, is portability. Depending on your vehicle and the type of platform, you may or may not find that transportation is an issue. For example, the XPole comes with a base that you can disassemble for easier transport, but you'll still need to make sure all the components will fit in your vehicle.

If you're planning to make your own one-piece base from wood or other solid material, you may well need a truck and a couple of strong bodies to move it.

Cost is likely to be the biggest factor for anyone considering a platform pole. Because they require a solid base of some kind, the cost to manufacture them is generally higher. Whether or not the cost outweighs the benefits will depend on what you plan to use it for.

If it's integral to promoting your business, then it will probably be worthwhile, and of course you can write it off as a legitimate business expense. But if you just want an inexpensive dance pole to play on at home, a platform model may not be your best option.

* * * * *

If you've decided that a platform model is your best option, be sure to read this important safety information.

* * * * *

Thinking of buying a platform dance pole? The X-Pole is the one commercially available platform system that I recommend if you're not going to build your own. Be sure to check out this review for the full details.

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