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Any pole dance fan enjoys watching videos of other dancers at play, right? Right! In fact, some of Your Pole Pal's fondest pole memories are of times spent with friends having a little "pole playtime" and recording the fun on video for later laughs, training feedback, or just to track our progress.

We all need some inspiration now and then, not to mention a break from training.

So Your Pole Pal has taken it upon herself to become your own personal pole video curator, a job she takes very seriously!

To that end, you'll find links to several categories of videos just below. And more are being added all the time.

From instructional videos to amazing pole fusion (check out that Tango pole dance!), from competition clips to some inspiring plus size pole dancers, there's something here for every pole dancer. Enjoy!

Guys Pole Too

Not that long ago, pole dancing was considered risque for women, never mind men. But the times they are a changin' and now men are taking to the pole in droves for an awesome workout and to show their stuff too.

male pole dancers

Plus Size Ladies Rock The Pole

There are some truly amazing, talented, and inspiring plus size pole dancers out there. Your Pole Pal thinks they deserve to be highlighted for going the extra mile in helping to ensure that the sport we love is accessible to everyone, regardless of shape or size.

plus size pole dancing videos

Instructional Pole Dancing Videos

You might just learn a thing or two from these instructors who've provided short lessons to help you learn a variety of moves, spins & tricks.

Amazing Pole Competition Videos

These incredible competitive dancers will amaze and inspire you...just don't try this at home (at least, not without a crash pad handy!).

Would You Like Tango With Your Pole?

Whether it's Argentine Tango, Hip Hop, or some other fabulous fusion of traditional pole dancing with non-traditional music, this section showcases some very outside-the-box performances.

Double Your Fun

Doubles pole dancing has taken off in recent years at competitions around the world. The incredible strength and coordination needed to pull this off is truly amazing, and is visually stunning. Check out some great clips below.

Just Routines

You'll love this collection if you're looking for inspiration for your own choreography, or just to see how others put their routines together. These are non-competition videos, often filmed in studios and living rooms, so you can usually get a closer look at what's happening.

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