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Male Pole Dancer Videos

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Pole dancing's not just for women anymore, and this collection of videos is living proof.

For some guys, taking up pole dancing is all about getting in touch with their sexy/feminine side.

For others, it's the opportunity to push the boundaries of strength, agility and endurance in a totally new direction.

For still others, it's plain old curiosity about why those women are having so much fun!

But no matter what attracts men to pole dancing, our sport welcomes them with open arms. 

Your Pole Pal has curated this collection of videos from around the web to inspire men who'd like to give pole dancing a try, and to help increase the visibility of men in this sport.

Many of the well-known names in male pole dancing, including Kenneth Kao, Stephen Retchless, and Chris Talbot, are shaking up the pole world with their talent, dedication and willingness to explore the gender continuum in their work. Of course, these guys also know how to have a rockin' good time up there too!

It's definitely an exciting time for male pole dancers and men's pole dancing in general, as the stage is wide open and audiences around the world are hungry for more. As more and more men take to the pole, we're sure to see the bar raised even higher.

Check out the video collection below to watch some of today's most amazing male talent in the world of pole. Enjoy!

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Want More Male Pole Dancer Videos?

Your Pole Pal is always on the lookout for more amazing men's pole dancing videos. Trouble is, this is such an up and coming aspect of our sport that it's a real challenge to keep up with all the new talent arriving on the scene.

So if you come across a great video you think should be featured in this collection please send Your Pole Pal a quick email with a link to the video you'd like considered. If Your Pole Pal agrees that it's awesome too, it'll be added to this page on the next round of updates.

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