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The caliber of the performers at pole dance competitions has gone through the roof in recent years. Unfortunately, so has the cost of traveling to and attending shows!

That's just one reason why watching the competitor routines on video is a great idea.

It's also hugely entertaining of course, and super inspiring in a jaw-dropping sort of way.

Whether you're looking for inspiration for your own competition routine, or you just love being awed by watching others perform on the pole, videos of pole competition routines have so much to offer. 

And they've come a very, very long way since the very first non-standardized pole competitions were held in fledgling studios years ago, and recorded in not-so-professional quality.

Today's competitions are very professional affairs, and the competitors have worked incredibly hard to achieve the level of athleticism they display. Many now come from a background in gymnastics, dance or other disciplines that inform their choreography and performance style, so it's no wonder they're so amazing to watch.

Take a browse through some of the pole dance competition videos below and you're sure to agree!

Want More Pole Dance Competition Videos?

Your Pole Pal does her very best to keep this collection up to date by adding new videos regularly, particularly when new competitions are held each year. But it's a big job, so she won't say no to a little help.

Here's what you can do: if you run a competition, or participate in one, or just know of one that has made new videos available recently, just email Your Pole Pal and let her know where online she can find the videos you're referring to. She'll take care of the rest by adding them to this collection for everyone to enjoy. Thanks for your help!

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