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Are you a closet plus size pole dancer looking for an excuse to get out there?

Perhaps you're wanting to give this sport a try but are worried you don't fit the traditional "slim and sexy" mold?

Or maybe you're just curious about the "plus factor" when it comes to pole dancing.

Well, Your Pole Pal has curated this collection of videos showcasing the dancing of larger women so you can see inspiring role models you can actually relate to. What a concept!

Women like LuAyne Brown, Eda Marbury, and Emma Haslam definitely have what it takes to bring pole dancing to the people in a BIG way! And there are many more, from relative unknowns who are brave enough to document their pole journeys online, to women who are using pole as a platform to challenge societal stereotypes of what it means to be strong, graceful and gorgeous.

Browse through the collection below and you'll see what I mean. Enjoy!

Want More Plus Size Pole Dancing Videos?

Your Pole Pal is always on the lookout for inspiring video clips. She tries to update this page frequently with new videos that you might like. But, she can't be everywhere at once!

So if you come across a video you think would be a good fit for this page, please send Your Pole Pal a quick email with a link to the video and she'll head right on over to check it out. If it's a match for this page, she'll add it on her next round of updates.

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