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With pole fitness becoming oh-so-popular, Your Pole Pal is getting more and more questions about pole dancing specifically from plus size women. That's why this section is devoted just to answering all your plus size pole fitness questions.

Wouldn't it be awesome if EVERYONE who wanted to try pole dancing had the confidence to give it whirl? The truth is, many plus size women have legitimate concerns about taking up the sport. These range from worries about whether or not they'll feel comfortable in class, if a particular weight-related health issue might be a concern, or where to find plus size pole wear.

This page gets frequent updates with new questions as they come in, along with replies. Please browse the questions below first, in case yours is already answered there.

If not, Your Pole Pal invites you to submit your question using the form below. She'll get right on it, and hopefully the answer will help YOU get right on a dance pole!

Plus Size Pole Fitness Q&A

Please scroll down past the submission form just below, to see all the plus size pole fitness FAQs that have already been answered. If you question isn't there, just pop back up here to submit your question.

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Pole Fitness Questions
Your Pole Pal says...

If you have a question about plus size pole fitness or pole dancing, please ask away!

You'll get an answer right here, as well as a personal notification by email if you choose. You'll also be helping other women who might have the same question.

More Plus Size Pole Fitness Questions

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Plus size dancing 
Where can I find plus size pole dancing in Chicago? Susan from PDFF says... Great question Shawnna! I did some digging and unfortunately as of …

222 pounds and barely have any upper body strength 
Hi I'm 18 years old and I'm 222 pounds. I don't have that much upper body strength and that's mostly where my problem areas are. Will the instructors be …

Am I too heavy to lift myself up on the pole? 
I'm about 190 & I was wondering if I would be able to pick myself up during the Dance. And what all do I need to work on to be able to lift myself? …

can heavy girls invert on the pole with enough work? 
I'm quite bottom heavy. Is there any hope in a smooth inversion and working upside down? Susan from PDFF says... Don't give up Sandy, there's …

IS X-Pole thicker than Lil Mynx? 
You talked about pole thickness....I'm looking at Lil Mynx 45mm or 50mm. I heard that the 50mm is thinner than 45mm on any pole because it is "stretched …

Having trouble sliding around the pole smoothly 
I'm 229 pound with very thick thighs and it is very uncomfortable for me to do some of the spins on the pole. Like the ribbon and the fireman rubs …

My right ankle has limited mobility. Will I be able to pole dance? 
I have gained about 40 pounds since my car accident a little over a year ago from not walking for several months and now my limited mobility. I can't do …

Is 165 considered heavy weight 
I'm about 165 or 170. I feel like I am heavy, what do you think? Thank you. Your Pole Pal replies: Hi Lorraine! :) I assume your question refers …

Are there boy shorts out there for plus size girls with tank tops? 
What type of clothes for plus size women who are interesting in pole dancing? Also are there boy shorts and cute tanks for pluz size women. I am 227 …

I'm 400lbs and want to start pole dancing 
Where do I start, what do you recommend, please be honest I'm a big woman I can take it. What's the best way to mount a pole if you don't want to mount …

Will the Mi Pole brand pole hold my weight? 
I currently weigh 245. The Mi Pole brand says it will easily hold 250. I've also read customer reviews stating that it will hold more than this. Its design …

Best Pole for Plus Size Pole Dancer 
I'm 300 pounds. Which type of pole is best, and which brand can hold my weight? Plus I would love to find a dvd that would help me.

I use to dance for a living. Now I have gained 120lbs from sitting in a wheelchair. I want information on pole dancing with one leg and what type of …

Pole Dancing for plus size woman 
I purchased a pole only to find out the maximum weight is 180 pounds. Is this the rule of thumb to all poles? Or are their poles that accommodate a larger …

What about height, weight, or size? Does it matter? Really? 
Big girls like to dance and be sexy too! Some of us size 16 & voluptuous+ need to feel comfortable going into a class of size 6 little girls. We can not …

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More Plus Size Pole Dancing Questions

Where can I find pole dancing classes near me?
I'm a larger woman who wants to start pole dancing classes, but I'd feel more comfortable with women my own size. How can I find a class in my area?

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